WWE NXT’s Cora Jade in skimpy shorts and fishnets with message before Halloween Havoc

wwe nxt star cora jade in instagram selfie
WWE NXT star Cora Jade in an Instagram selfie from October 2022. Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Elayna Black, best known as WWE’s Cora Jade, shared a sizzling photo of herself ahead of NXT’s Halloween Havoc, where she’ll face her former friend in a special themed match.

In her latest image, Cora is walking ringside at an NXT event wearing a sharp-looking outfit featuring mostly black with bits of purple and a recurring barbwire pattern.

Her ringside attire includes a black studded leather jacket with the initials “CJ” in purple on the back and a spiked black baseball cap with a purple bill.

She wore a pair of skimpy shorts that featured the barbwire design, a purple studded waistband, and matching purple trim.

Completing the outfit were her fishnet stockings, black socks, again featuring the barbwire pattern, and a pair of stylishly-designed black and white Vans.

Cora also held that trademark black Kendo stick across her shoulders and upper back as part of the look. As fans have seen, it serves more as a weapon than a fashion accessory for the heel superstar.

“Feel like I’m 7 feet tall,” Cora wrote in her caption when in reality, the 21-year-old NXT star is 5-foot-7.

Cora included a tag for @edwinc1017, who appears to be a fan that captured the above shot of her during a WWE NXT event.

Earlier this month, the fan shared the image below on their IG page, with Cora holding up part of her broken skateboard in the ring. Viewers saw her use that skateboard as a weapon when she initially attacked Roxanne Perez months ago.

Friends and fans react to Cora’s ringside photo

Even though she portrays a villainous character in WWE NXT, Cora Jade still has many fans supporting her as she continues with the “Generation of Jade.” As of this writing, Cora’s recent IG post picked up over 44,000 Likes and 640 comments.

“You look beautiful Cora Jade,” a fan commented on the image.

fan reacts to cora jade nxt photo
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Another fan praised Cora’s “cool jacket and hat” and said they loved the “spikes” that were part of the outfit.

fan praises cora jade hat and jacket with spikes
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

The WWE NXT Women’s Champion, Mandy Rose, was also among the commenters, stopping by to joke that “Boootyyyy” was also part of the visual.

mandy rose reacts to cora jade nxt post
Pic credit: @corajadewwe/Instagram

Cora participating in NXT’s Halloween Havoc

On Saturday, Cora goes head-to-head with her former friend and tag team partner, Roxanne, as part of WWE’s NXT Halloween Havoc 2022.

Cora shared a promotional poster for the upcoming match featuring a spooky nighttime scene with spiderwebs, bats, and a howling wolf standing in front of a moon in the background.

“Good Friends. Better Enemies,” the poster’s tagline for the match reads.

“This is a war,” Cora wrote in her IG caption ahead of the big match.

The two former friends held the WWE NXT Tag Team Championship several months ago. However, Cora chose to turn against her friend during Roxanne’s match against the WWE NXT Women’s Champion.

Later, Cora threw her tag team championship belt in the trash, which led to the titles becoming vacant, and further sparked a feud with her former friend.

Since that incident, they competed in a match against one another for this past August’s NXT Heatwave. Cora won after attempting to use her kendo stick in the ring and eventually hit a DDT on Roxanne onto the stick for a winning pinfall.

While a kendo stick became a factor in the match outcome, weapons weren’t legal in that particular match. At Halloween Havoc, Cora and Roxanne compete in a Weapons Wild match, where all weapons available are permitted to use during the bout.

According to Wrestling Headlines, Cora picked up a win earlier this week against Raquel Rodriguez. However, it was due to disqualification when Raquel had enough and cracked Cora with her own Kendo stick.

Following the NXT win, Cora taunted Raquel from the ramp before Roxanne launched a brief surprise attack on her.

Cora’s Kendo stick is likely to be amongst the weapons she uses or attempts to use on Roxanne again at Halloween Havoc. Fans will see if she gets a second win over her former friend or if Roxanne can even things up during NXT’s big event.

WWE NXT’s Halloween Havoc streams on Peacock at 8/7c on Saturday, October 22.

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