WWE legend Trish Stratus wows in sports bra and leggings for ‘serotonin high’ workout

trish stratus attends wwe 20th anniversary smackdown fox event
Trish Stratus wowed fans with her age-defying yoga workout video. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

At 47, Trish Stratus seems like she could get back into the ring and go toe-to-toe with some of the best in the professional wrestling business.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently shared a new video with her fans and followers, revealing herself performing yoga exercises to maintain her excellent strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

Wearing a black or dark blue sports bra and tight leggings from Alo, Stratus kept her hair tied up in a bun away from her eyes and face.

In her Instagram video, she gets into a series of yoga poses as a reinvented, mellow, and thumping version of James Brown’s I Feel Good plays in the background.

Stratus eventually gets into a pose where she’s doing a handstand and balancing on her head, one of the more challenging poses for some people to achieve in yoga.

Her caption included a motivational message about working out even when one feels they don’t have the time or energy available.

“I’m running on my serotonin high right now… it’s getting me through the frenetic pace,” Stratus said, following a busy past week that included Canada’s Got Talent auditions and the Rhode Island Comic Con.

The latter of these events featured Trish and fellow WWE star Lita making an appearance. Trish noted in her caption she’s set to head off on a plane to the United Kingdom for another comic convention, this time with wrestling pal Mickie James.

“We got this, LFG. Namaste friends,” Trish said in closing her Instagram post caption, also tagging Alo, the maker of her workout attire.

Fans react to Trish’s workout video

Trish currently boasts an Instagram following of 2 million, bringing lots of attention to her photos and videos. Over 13,000 likes arrived on the newest video from the WWE legend, with over 170 comments admiring her yoga abilities and incredible look.

“Defying the aging process,” one fan remarked on Trish’s video post.

fan comments on trish stratus yoga video
Pic credit: @trishstratuscom/Instagram

“Do you age? Wow you’re an amazing human being! Stay positive, stay safe! Be you!” another fan commented.

fan comments to ask trish stratus do you age
Pic credit: @trishstratuscom/Instagram

Another fan told Trish she’s “STILL looking athletically BEAutiful,” adding two emojis with heart eyes in admiration of her look.

fan comments about trish stratus yoga look
Pic credit: @trishstratuscom/Instagram

Trish Stratus created Stratusphere Yoga programs

Trish doesn’t just show off her yoga abilities on Instagram as she also offers her exclusive program to others. She currently has an affordable workout program called Stratusphere Yoga.

Her signature workout program helps individuals, via strength training movements and yoga poses, develop that long and lean look while toning muscles in a full-body workout.

Trish offers the signature program and two others: Stratusphere Sculpt, a circuit training program with light weights and a fitness ball, and Stratusphere Yoga for Men.

The latter of these programs, designed specifically for men to do yoga, features five-time MLB All-Star and two-time World Series champion Joe Carter helping out.

Years ago, Citytv shared a YouTube video featuring Trish as she took them through some of the routines from Stratusphere Yoga. The show’s host mentioned that Trish used yoga as part of her routine to get in shape for a role in the Hollywood film, Gridlocked.

Along with the various Stratusphere Yoga workouts, Trish also designed special weighted FitGloves to add extra resistance and strength training to her yoga programs. All of these items are available through the Stratusphere Yoga website.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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