WWE legend Trish Stratus shows top-notch yoga skills

wwe hall of famer trish stratus shows hair and makeup in instagram selfie
Trish Stratus poses for a hair and makeup selfie on her Instagram. Pic credit: @trishstratus/Instagram

Wrestling legend Trish Stratus showed fans some serious skills in difficult yoga positions that most people might not be able to pull off.

The 47-year-old WWE Hall of Famer is known for her days of dominating her opponents in the wrestling ring but has continued to stay fit since stepping into other ventures beyond pro wrestling.

She took to social media to share a video clip of herself wearing a simple outfit consisting of a white sports bra and shorts as she performed a handstand in an open doorway.

Stratus started off using her hands before stretching her legs and positioning her feet against opposite sides of the doorway.

Soon after, she brought her hand up to place it by her side, with the visual seeming to make it look like she was floating slightly off the floor and hovering in the air upside down.

“Hairstand,” she wrote in her caption for the video, adding, “I invited @howiemandel to do some yoga with me, while we are filming @cangottalent, obviously we won’t be trying this one ? #cgt #hehasnohair.”

The optical illusion went on to achieve over 21,000 likes and 300-plus comments admiring Stratus’ talents when it comes to yoga.

Trish Stratus appears in Canada’s Got Talent

With her caption above, Stratus was playfully poking fun at her Canada’s Got Talent co-star, comedian Howie Mandel. They’re two members of a star-studded cast, including rapper Kardinal Offishall, internet star Lilly Singh, and singer Lindsay Ell.

These individuals enjoy popularity in the United States and elsewhere but have roots in Canada. Stratus, a multi-time champion in WWE, is originally from Toronto, Canada. Mandel, Singh, and Kardinal also hail from Toronto, while Ell is from Calgary.

Earlier this month, CGT unveiled a poster announcing to fans that the show will return with all-new episodes on City TV in March. The show is much like America’s Got Talent, where the celebs act as judges for the various acts, deciding which move on to continue competing for the top prize.

Trish shared her all-inclusive treadmill workout

At 47, Stratus looks fantastic as she works in various roles, including CGT and movies. She returned for her official retirement match at SummerSlam 2019 against newer WWE superstar Charlotte Flair, which meant she had to be at an adequate fitness level to get in the ring again.

Yoga is one component of how she stays in great shape. Cardio and bodyweight exercises are also be crucial for her.

In 2018, she talked about her “all-inclusive treadmill workout” with a clip appearing on YouTube (below). She explained that she came up with the routine so she could work out at a hotel when she was traveling a lot. That would save her from finding a gym to work out at ahead of finding the arena for WWE’s latest show.

“Basically, it’s a 45-minute all-inclusive treadmill routine. I broke it up into five-minute blocks with five minutes of running to warm your body up and five minutes of me punching,” she explained, indicating she did a series of punches while on the treadmill.

Stratus explained that the punching and “throwing the bag” moves on the treadmill help to engage the core muscles, hit the obliques, and flex the arm and back muscles.

From there, Stratus said she would slow down the treadmill speed and perform lunges for the next five-minute block. She indicated she did three sets of this, which gave her the full 45-minute routine.

With the routine, she said she could achieve a full-body workout without using a gym. It’s likely still useful for her as she travels for various work, including random conventions to meet fans, acting gigs, or WWE appearances.

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA.

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