WWE legend Beth Phoenix in sports bra and leggings reveals impressive physique

beth phoenix at wwe hall of fame 2017
Beth Phoenix during her WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2017. Pic credit: WWE

Wrestling star Beth “Phoenix” Copeland is known for dominating her opposition within the WWE ring, as she showed over many years in her Hall of Fame career.

She’s returned to WWE a few times this past year, assisting her husband in a tag team match against Maryse and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin. In addition, she prevented a serious attack by Judgment Day on her husband several months ago.

While she’s not an active member of the WWE roster now, she still appears to be keeping herself ready for more potential matches or appearances.

The 41-year-old recently took to her official Instagram to share a photo as she flexed and posed in a mirror at her home gym.

She wore a black sports bra top to reveal her arms and a bit of midsection. Beth, who had her hair up, also wore eyeglasses and black leggings as she was getting her workout done.

Beth’s massive arms and boulder-like shoulders stand out in the photo as she stands behind a rack of dumbbells.

“Shoulder day. Finding a good groove in my fitness training. Less joint pain. More muscle burnout pain. I’m excited to keep going. It took a long time…but finally fell back in love with the gym,” she wrote in her IG post’s caption.

Fans react to The Glamazon’s impressive physique

With Beth Phoenix sharing her latest gym results photo, it provided many fans with inspiration or reason to show their admiration for her hard work. As of this writing, over 7,800 Likes were on the post and 80-plus comments.

One fan told Beth she was “cut and looking good” in her photo, adding that they’re in a similar boat with their workouts where “slow and steady” gets the results.

beth phoenix fan reacts to physique photo
Pic credit: @thebethphoenix/Instagram

“Omg that shoulder,” another individual commented along with a flame and the wow-face emoji.

fan comments on beth phoenix shoulders
Pic credit: @therealbethphoenix/Instagram

“Glamazon is coming back,” one fan suggested in reacting to the photo.

fan suggests glamazon is coming back to wwe
Pic credit: @thebethphoenix/Instagram

Beth has shown off her massive biceps before. In a video last August, the former wrestler worked a pair of dumbbells in a dark sports bra with camouflage grey pants.

She looked amazing as she pumped iron with David Bowie’s Fame playing in the background. She captioned this vid, “Bowie Biceps.”

This video got Beth nearly 10,000 likes.

Beth Phoenix said goodbye to September

On Friday, Beth showed off a very different side when she took to Instagram. She said goodbye to September as she posed for a close-up selfie in the car.

Beth was casually dressed in a Friday the 13th sweater with an autumnal-looking brown colored hat on her head. She wore a large pair of spectacles and a subtle lipstick. The wrestler’s hair was wavy and flowed down over her shoulders.

She captioned the shot, “Happy Friday. See ya September.”

Beth has over 700,000 followers on Instagram, and this simple but cute post bagged her over 8,000 likes.

Is Beth Phoenix returning to WWE again?

The recent storyline involving Beth’s husband Adam “Edge” Copeland and his ongoing feud with Judgment Day could give a reason for The Glamazon to return.

As fans have seen over the past several weeks, Domenick Mysterio chose to betray his father, Rey Mysterio, attacking Edge and Rey at WWE’s Clash at the Castle after their match against the Judgment Day.

Dom has continued to side with the heel faction featuring Finn Balor, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley. Most recently, they attacked AJ Styles in the ring.

Edge will take on Balor at the upcoming Extreme Rules event in an I Quit Match. Most likely, Judgment Day will be around to potentially interfere, which could give The Glamazon reason to show up.

It could make things more interesting if WWE set up a mixed tag match that also included Rhea and Beth.

That remains to be seen with Extreme Rules under a week away. It’s always possible Beth will make a surprise appearance at Raw or the upcoming WWE event on Sunday.

Fans last her in a match as she teamed up with her husband to defeat fellow husband-and-wife duo, The Miz and Maryse Mizanin in a mixed tag match at the WWE Royal Rumble 2022.

Beth also appeared several months ago on WWE Raw to watch as her husband battled Priest. When Judgment Day attacked Edge post-match, Beth stepped in to prevent their attack, showing she’s always ready to get involved if necessary. Could an Extreme Rules match be on the way?

WWE Raw airs Mondays at 8/7c on USA. WWE Extreme Rules streams Saturday, October 8, at 8/7c on Peacock.

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