Wowaka death: Vocaloid producer and Hitorie vocalist dies of acute heart failure

Wowaka Instagram death
Wowaka, the guitarist for Hitorie has died at age 31. Pic credit: Wowaka/Instagram

Wowaka, the Vocaloid producer and frontman for band Hitorie, has died at age 31. His tragic death was announced by the Hitorie record label website. It is revealed that he died in his sleep and the cause of death is acute heart failure.

The Hitorie tour was canceled in the wake of his death, according to the remaining band members — Igarashi, Yumao and Shinoda. The Japanese rock band was signed to Sony Music Group and released their first full-length project WONDER and WONDER in 2014.

The 31-year-old producer, singer, and guitarist died on Friday, April 5 due to heart failure.

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Wowaka started off as a music producer using Vocaloid software. Although he stopped producing Vocaloid songs later in his career, his discography was put in an album called Unhappy Refrain. He developed a reputation with hit records such as Rolling Girl, World’s End Dancehall and Unknown Mother Goose.

Many fans left tributes to Wowaka, remembering his singing and musical abilities.

Wowaka was last active on his Twitter and Instagram accounts on March 31.

Wowaka joined Hitorie in 2011 and he released multiple mini-albums and four full-length projects with the rock band. The late Vocaloid producer also performed a song named Polaris, which was the ending theme song for the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

Wowaka is remembered for his music – particularly his vocal ability and lyrics.

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