Woman who alleges affair with Rocky Bivens says claim she was hacked was a lie

a selfie from Unykue's Instagram
LaTocha Scott’s husband is being accused of having an affair with Unykue. Pic credit: @unykue/Instagram

A woman, Unykue Foucha, came forward to say that she has been having a years-long affair with Xscape member LaTocha Scott’s husband, Rocky Bivens. Then she said it was all a lie. Now she’s saying once again that the affair happened, and she’s dropping receipts this time.

In one of the latest developments, Unykue posted a video on Instagram saying that she had been “misled” by Rocky and that she was now going to speak up for herself after people on social media started “going in” on her and labeling her.

Unykue apologized to her family and Rocky’s family before saying that she was hurt by Rocky’s alleged actions. In another slide on the same Instagram post, she claimed that Rocky said that the two of them would be together.

Unykue claims that Rocky told her he was married but planned to leave LaTocha. She also said that Rocky manipulated her into posting that her original claims of the affair were false. That post has since been deleted.

In a third slide, Unykue posted a picture of herself and Rocky, which appeared to show it being sent via text message from her to Rocky. Underneath the photo, a response read, “Damn we look good,” before she sent a reply featuring a heart eyes emoji.

On the last slide, Unykue posted another text message that appeared to show a message sent from Rocky to her, where she is asked her thoughts about her denial of the affair. In the message, she is asked, “What do you think about this?” A screengrab of the Instagram post she later shared was then presented before she replied that she was driving and to give her a minute to read it.

Unykue said that she was hacked

After initially posting about the alleged affair on Instagram, Unykue posted several days later that she had been hacked and said she and Rocky were not having an affair.

In the denial, she claimed she would never be a “home wrecker” and date a married man. She also said that she has three sons by her ex-husband that look up to her.

Unykue went on to say that she was actually a fan of Xscape. She ended the post by stating that she would get to the bottom of whoever hacked her page.

Unykue’s initial claims about the affair

Initially, Unykue posted the picture of herself and Rocky with a caption claiming that the two had been having an affair. She also claimed that she was pregnant with Rocky’s child.

In the post, Unykue said that she was “tired of living a lie all these years” and was “ready to live” in her truth. She also said that she had no beef with LaTocha and never made Rocky choose her.

Unykue also posted a sonogram photo with the words “Timeless Love Bivens” written across it. The sonogram did not say how far along she was in the pregnancy, nor did it have her name on it.

Neither Rocky nor LaTocha have spoken about the allegations. Monsters and Critics has reached out to Rocky for comment on the claims.

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