Winnie Harlow shows off amazing figure, lots of skin in fur coat and lingerie

Winnie Harlow at an Oscars Party
Winnie Harlow posed on Instagram in a fur jacket with only a bra and panties underneath. Pic credit: ©

Lingerie with a fur coat overtop may seem like a juxtaposition to most – but to model Winnie Harlow, it’s a statement.

Chantelle Whitney Brown-Young, known professionally as Winnie Harlow, posted two photos to Instagram on Friday to show off her Comfort Furs cropped fur jacket.

The 27-year-old model wore the coat with nothing but lingerie on underneath

The Jamaican-Canadian fashion model wore a lacy tan bralette and plain black underwear – exposing most of her legs and midsection. The open cropped jacket, which was only a little longer than the length of her bra, also featured an attached fur hood.

Although her legs may not have been warm, her head surely was.

The model posted the two similarly-posed photos with a caption that included two “person skiing” emojis.

Fans had mixed feelings over Harlow’s real fur coat

Although Harlow’s comment section on Instagram was initially flooded with positive comments, a few users chimed in to mention their dislike for the use of real fur in the post.

The company that Harlow tagged, Comfort Furs, produces luxury wear by way of real fox and raccoon fur.

One user wrote, “So disappointed to see her wearing real fur.”

Followers disappointed by Harlow wearing fur
Pic credit: @winnieharlow/Instagram

Another user referenced wearing an animal’s fur by commenting, “You’re beautiful in your own skin. Don’t steal someone else’s.”

User saying Harlow is beautiful in her own skin
Pic credit: @winnieharlow/Instagram

Although there was a bit of controversy among the animal lovers, many other followers just joined in to comment on Harlow’s eye-catching look. Makeup artist Angel Merino referenced the famous Bring It On quote with his reply – “Burrrr it’s cold in here! There must be a bad b**ch in the atmosphere!!”

Angel Merino's comment on Harlow's post
Pic credit: @winnieharlow/Instagram

What is Winnie Harlow most known for?

Harlow was first most notably known for her appearance on Tyra Banks‘s hit show America’s Next Top Model, where she appeared on the 21st cycle at just 18-years old. After being eliminated the second week, the model won the Comeback Series and ended up placing sixth overall.

Harlow claimed the show did not help forward her career in any way and acted more along the lines of a reality show.

Winnie Harlow modeling during America's Next Top Model
One of Winnie Harlow’s photographs taken during her time on America’s Next Top Model. Pic credit: Alex Z/YouTube

Since ANTM, she has become a well-known and highly admired model and spokesperson recognized to speak on her skin condition, vitiligo. Harlow received the diagnosis, which is known as depigmentation of portions of the skin, at just four years old.

Although she was originally rejected by every modeling agency in her hometown of Toronto because of her condition, Harlow has had an incredibly successful career since being on the show. She has appeared in multiple publications and magazines – such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Complex, and Ebony. Harlow has also appeared in ad campaigns for major companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Steve Madden, Victoria’s Secret, and Marc Jacobs.

Although she faced adversity and heartbreaking rejection in her early years, Winnie Harlow continues to be a successful and inspiring figure to many individuals in and out of the fashion industry.

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