Winnie Harlow just launched her own skincare brand

Winnie Harlow
Winnie Harlow just launched her own skincare brand. Pic credit: ©

Winnie Harlow is the latest celebrity to join the skincare industry.

The model’s skincare brand, CAY Skin, launched on March 1.

Harlow recently spoke about the process of creating her brand and the importance of sun protection.

Winnie Harlow talks about importance of sun protection

Harlow has joined other celebrities, including Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys in the beauty and skincare industry.

Her new brand, CAY Skin, is vegan and cruelty-free and reef safe.

CAY Skin products include Isle Body Oil ($32), Universal Mineral Face Lotion ($34), Isle Lip Balm ($14) and Isle Face Glow Lotion ($32). All come with SPF protection.

Harlow spoke to People magazine about the importance of wearing sunscreen.

She said her focus on sunscreen stemmed from her having vitiligo, a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells.

But, she explained that she was motivated to create the skincare line after a photoshoot left her with a sunburn. She said, “I had a two-day shoot in the Bahamas from sun up to sundown on each day and at certain points, they didn’t want me to reapply sunscreen because it was leaving a purple or blue cast on my skin and [that] wasn’t pretty.”

She went on to detail how she was worried she would burn and indeed she did. As a result of her severe sunburn, doctors were called and Harlow was given injections for inflammation and pain.

As a result of the incident, Harlow was inspired to create a skincare brand that offered sun protection while looking good on skin. She said, “I reached out to my team and I was like, ‘Listen, sunscreen has always been something that’s been really important to me and it shouldn’t be not important just because it doesn’t look good. So I want to create something that is going to be protective for the skin, but also [make you] look gorgeous and feel good wearing it.”

Winnie Harlow talks about creating a skincare brand

As for how she chose the name CAY, Harlow explained that she wanted it to represent her roots in the Caribbean.

Harlow chose the word cay, as it is a nod to “the small pockets of islands” there.

When asked about how involved she was with the process of creating the line, she replied, “I am the process.” 

She added, “Honestly, it’s my own child. It’s so different for me. My whole career [has been] going to different places and shooting for a brand that’s already established. But this has been me creating the product over two years and now being the creative director for the shoots and casting models and picking hairstylists and makeup artists. Every step of the way I have my hand in it. So it’s been a lot more work, but more rewarding because it’s a product that I created.

CAY Skin products are currently available on The line will be available on on March 22 and in-store on April 1.

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