Why was Star Brim arrested? Story behind Cardi B’s friend’s prison time

Star Brim poses in the park
Cardi B confirmed that her friend Star Brim is incarcerated. Pic credit: @star_brim5/Instagram

Cardi B has a good reason to celebrate after her best friend Star Brim was finally released from prison. The I Like It Rapper took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video of her friend’s release, excited to have Star back in her life and no longer behind bars.

Why did Star Brim go to prison in the first place? After seeing Cardi B post about Star Brim’s release, many had questions about how she ended up incarcerated and what exactly she did to get six months behind bars. Some even went so far as to ask who Star Brim is, not knowing the story behind Cardi’s bff.

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As Cardi previously shared with her fans, Star Brim was arrested for wire fraud. It turns out that Brim’s trip to jail wasn’t exactly a surprise either.

As Cardi explained in a lengthy Instagram post back in November, Star had been out on bail for two and a half years before turning herself in again. She initially was looking at up to 15 years in prison but was fortunate enough to get a shorter sentence and recently just finished serving the final six months.

Star is clearly excited about her release as well and has been posting up a storm on Instagram, sharing pictures of herself with her family after she was freed.

She even posted a picture with her parents, who she calls her “Number 1 supporters” in front of a banner welcoming her back. With Cardi B and her family on her side, Star Brim clearly has a lot of support.

Now that she’s free and all of her time is served, Star can move on with her life as Cardi B said in her post about why her friend had to go to prison in the first place.

In addition to being Cardi B’s bff, Star Brim has also made headlines in the past for allegedly leaking Blac Chyna’s sex tape. However, she claims she didn’t leak the tape and only reshared it.

With Star Brim out of prison and free to go about her business, we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of her. After all, Cardi B is known for putting her people on and keeping her friends close.

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