Why is Dave Bautista’s head so wrinkly?

Dave Bautista attends the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War
The internet went wild with theories and jokes after noticing wrinkles on Dave Bautista’s head. Pic credit: © Hasegawa / HollywoodNewsWire

While some viewers of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery were trying to solve the homicide at the center of the film, others became preoccupied with solving the mystery of the wrinkles on Dave Bautista’s head.

Bautista stars in the film as the character Duke, a “men’s rights activist” and social media influencer who is part of a wealthy friend group known as the Disruptors. The group is enjoying billionaire Miles Bron’s (Edward Norton) luxury birthday party when a dead body sparks a homicide investigation led by detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig).

The film has received quite a bit of attention for its quality but recently started receiving attention for another unusual reason. Social media started swarming with fans who were intrigued or confused about the appearance of Bautista’s head.

Bautista has a shaved head in the film, and viewers began sharing snapshots of what appeared to be wrinkles on his scalp. The pictures have stirred debate about whether the lines are wrinkles or scars.

Some users tried to provide actual theories about the wrinkles, suggesting they might tie back to his pro wrestling days. However, others had less compelling but hilarious explanations and comparisons about Bautista’s head.

The actor has not responded to any speculations about his head’s wrinkles, but that has only sparked more interest.

The internet speculated on why Dave Bautista’s head is wrinkly

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery premiered on Netflix on December 23 after a limited theatrical run. By December 28, users had started to point out Bautista’s wrinkly head.

The conversation picked up momentum as some users compared the wrinkles to a “peach pit,” while one user described it as looking like his head was underwater for too long and got pruney like fingers sometimes do.

Jokes aside, some internet users were genuinely curious about the appearance of his head.

Many took to social media asking for an explanation, claiming that all they could “think about” was his head while watching Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

One user provided an explanation that tied back to his professional wrestling career. The user explained that some wrestlers would partake in a process known as “blading” to make matches bloodier.

The process involves concealing razors and using them to make small cuts to provoke more blood and make matches more of a spectacle. The skull’s skin bleeds and heals easily, making that the preferred target of wrestlers.

The user also shared a picture of Abdullah the Butcher’s blading scars, which vaguely resembled the wrinkles of Bautista.

While it was a serious theory, the lines on Bautista’s scalp represent wrinkles more than scars. Hence, it is unclear whether this is the real reason behind Bautista’s head.

Other explanations for Bautista’s wrinkly head

While Bautista’s head wrinkles don’t appear to be scars, the retired professional wrestler has bladed in the past. He was even fined $100,000 in 2008 for blading after the practice was banned due to WWE’s switch to a PG rating.

Hence, though there is evidence Bautista did partake in blading, it has been well over a decade since the practice fell out of popularity. It doesn’t seem likely that his years-old scars would only make a noticeable appearance in 2022, unless they were just strategically covered up in the past.

One internet’s user hilarious alternative explanation was that Bautista is 32.7% Shar-Pei. The dog breed is known for having a wrinkly appearance all over.

Other users stuck to the blading theory, though some suggested that natural aging mixed with the scarring had produced the wrinkled appearance.

The Focus provided one final possible explanation: a medical condition called Cutis Verticis Gyrata. The condition is extremely rare and causes thickening of the scalp, which can result in folds or wrinkles, but aside from appearance, it is largely harmless.

Ultimately, it is unclear what the reason for Bautista’s wrinkly head is, and it will remain a mystery unless the actor chooses to address it directly.

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1 year ago

the internet is full of idiots
1 year ago

Its just skim folds. Very rare possibly but i too have this same dilemma. No im not a sharpae and no i havent used steroids. I can push loose skin together and make it look even funnier ill try find a photo to paste

4 months ago

He’s possibly had radiotherapy tratment on his head for internal scaring of some kind in his past ! When had it my head /scalp is the same as his .