Why did Flip or Flop couple divorce? Story behind Christina and Tarek El Moussa’s split

Christina and Tarek El Moussa
Christina and Tarek El Moussa got divorced while filming Flip Or Flop. Pic credit: @therealtarekelmoussa/Instagram

Christina and Tarek El Moussa, the stars of Flip Or Flop on HGTV, appeared to be dealing with some marital issues behind closed doors as production continued. For years, the two had been flipping properties in California to help boost the sales of homes after the financial bubble. However, the stress of illness, filming a television show, pregnancy, and other issues simply became too much for the couple. As it turns out, it wasn’t just a single thing that caused them to split up.

During the early stages of filming Flip Or Flop, Tarek El Moussa was diagnosed with both thyroid cancer and testicular cancer. At the time, he kept the diagnosis to himself but later revealed that it had taken a toll on their marriage. In addition, the two were trying to get pregnant with their second child, but she miscarried. She was told that she had to take it easy if she wanted a second child, so she did everything possible to take it easy, including bed rest.

The couple didn’t anticipate that Tarek would hurt his back, but during her pregnancy, he suffered a debilitating back injury, putting them both on bed rest. It took months before he could leave the house, and his full recovery took years and included a 50-pound weight loss and large amounts of pain medication. By the time the news broke, they had actually been separated for a while.

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They split quietly in May 2016, but it wouldn’t hit the news until December of that same year. And it was during this time that Tarek made headlines for an incident with a gun. The couple has since revealed that the incident was a misunderstanding. Tarek had supposedly gone for a walk and brought a gun with him. The police were called as there was concern that he could be suicidal, but Tarek later revealed that he brought the gun because there were mountain lions, bobcats, and rattlesnakes where he hikes.

While Tarek hasn’t revealed whether he has moved on with someone new, Christina has found love again. Since November 2017, Christina has dated her boyfriend, Ant Anstead.


Even though it has been years since Christina and Tarek El Moussa split, they continue to film Flip Or Flop. For a while, it was believed that the show would be canceled as viewers didn’t think that they would want to work together. However, they have both been vocal about working together after the divorce.

“You know, it’s like anything; you can imagine you’re working with someone, and one day you’re no longer living together and you separate and you still have to put your pants on, put your shoes on and go to work the next day,” Tarek has revealed about Flip Or Flop on the Dr. Drew podcast, adding, “It was a very difficult experience but as time went on obviously it got easier and easier. And at the end of the day we have a job to do, we have a family to support.”


As for Christina, she reveals that the show makes sense to set an example of how people can move on from a divorce, cancer diagnosis, miscarriage, and misunderstandings.

“We’re a couple that got divorced on TV and we could have just brushed right over it but I think it makes sense for everyone to see what it’s like to work with your ex-spouse. It’s important,” she has previously told People magazine while promoting her own design show for HGTV, Christina on the Coast.

Flip Or Flop season 8 has been announced by HGTV, but it’s uncertain when the new season will premiere.

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