Who is Rockstar on Big Brother 20?

Rockstar in the kitchen
Rockstar escaped eviction and now everyone is talking about it

Big Brother 20 had several interesting houseguests cast this season. Rockstar has been in the spotlight this week, especially after she was put on the block by Sam as a replacement nominee at the Power of Veto ceremony.

Now, everyone wants to know who Rockstar is, and what she is all about. During her speech before the Big Brother eviction voting began, she mentioned her Instagram account and keeping in touch with her fellow houseguests. Fortunately, Rockstar was not evicted from the house.

How did Angie become Rockstar?

Rockstar’s name is Angie Lantry. She has talked about Big Brother asking her about a nickname several times since entering the house. It is assumed that because there was another Angela cast, they chose to call her Rockstar instead of Angie. It stuck and when the voting happened, everyone called her by her nickname instead of her real name.

Rockstar’s home life

Angie Lantry is married with three children. Her youngest is just seven months old. She is married and her husband tweets funny things about her while she is away playing Big Brother.

Rockstar stays at home with her children but has talked about working in her interview. Officially, Lantry lives in Columbia, Maryland, but has given shoutouts to Baltimore during the show.

Fun facts about Rockstar on BB20

On several occasions, Rockstar has mentioned she delivered all of her children naturally. She has watched the show before, but her favorite player wasn’t surprising. Rockstar chose Frankie Grande, something that doesn’t shock viewers who notice how over-the-top she is while in the house. After Brett tried to sabotage her game last week, she took a page from Big Brother winner, Josh Martinez’s book and went around banging pots and pans.

Big Brother airs on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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