Who is richer: Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?

Cardi B at the 2019 Billboard Awards, Nicki Minaj in an image announcing her world tour 'The Nicki WRLD Tour'.
Who has more money – Cardi B or Nicki Minaj? Pic credit: ©

Whether they like it or not, it seems that the hip hop world really wants to pit Cardi B and Nicki Minaj against each other. After both of the female rappers wowed at the Met Gala earlier this week, the big question now is who is richer — Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?

While Cardi B has been very vocal about her love of money and all the things she has done to collect even more of it, it turns out that in the battle of who is richer, Nicki Minaj wins and not just by a little bit.

In fact, according to multiple sources, Nicki is more than 10 times richer than Cardi even though the last couple of years have seen the former Love & Hip Hop star shoot to the top of the charts and become an international superstar.

According to online reports, Nicki Minaj has built herself an empire and is worth roughly $85 million. Meanwhile, Cardi B’s net worth is listed as somewhere around $8 million, which is significantly less.

While Nicki Minaj is seemingly far richer than her counterpart Cardi B, it’s worth noting that Nicki has been in the business far longer, having signed her first recording contract in 2004 and having more released music than Cardi.

Nicki Minaj’s discography boasts four studio albums, three compilation albums and three mixtapes. Nicki’s music catalog also includes a whopping 71 songs where she has been featured. Ultimately, all of that music equates to quite a bit of dough!

In comparison, Cardi B has released one solo album, two mixtapes and 27 singles. Of those singles, 18 of them were songs where she was featured. Still, that’s not bad for an artist who has only recently started making hits.

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4 years ago

nicki cannot be ranked with cardi she’s experienced in the industry

4 years ago

nicki has been in the industry for over a decade and cardi only been in it for 3 yrs so it’s very to compare them. also, as of now, 2020, cardi’s net worth is $24 million and prolly more so she doing really good. who u know made $24 milli in 3 yrs??

4 years ago

Nicki will always be the queen of rap & more successful. & to answer the question found below ⏬. Nicki Minaj actually made 30 mil in one year. Her talent speaks for itself. She doesn’t have to pay a team of writers (Like cardi) to produce hit songs. Ultimately more money ends up in Nickis pocket. Out of sheer talent.