Who is Lauren Bush Lauren and who are her parents?

Lauren Bush Lauren at CNN Heroes event
Caption: Lauren Bush Lauren wears many hats. Pic credit:©ImageCollect.com/Zumapress

Lauren Bush Lauren is not only an activist, but she comes from a well-known U.S. political dynasty. As an entrepreneur, Lauren has changed the way people view hunger and has helped to spread the word about what is happening all over the world. 

Who is Lauren Bush Lauren?

Wearing many hats is something that Lauren Bush Lauren is good at. She became a vegetarian at a very young age and since then, Lauren has been interested in food in general. While her early life was pretty normal, she was a debutante because of who her family is and was. 

FEED is a social business that works to end hunger. Lauren Bush Lauren has worked to help raise funds and keep spreading the word about childhood hunger as she works to fill bellies not only in the United States but all over the world. It is a cause she has been passionate about for years and Lauren has been recognized on several levels for her dedication.

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Fashion has always been in Lauren Bush Lauren’s blood, but now it is also in her family. She is married to Ralph Lauren’s son David Lauren. The two dated for several years before tying the knot in 2011. Currently, the couple has two sons. 

Who are Lauren Bush Lauren’s parents?

Descending from the political Bush family, Lauren Bush Lauren’s parents are Neil and Sharon Bush. She is the granddaughter of President George H.W. Bush. Lauren is also the niece of former President George W. Bush and Jeb Bush, who was once the governor of Florida. 

While Lauren Bush Lauren’s father wasn’t into politics, he was definitely into business dealings. He is a businessman in Texas, where the family has been stationed for several years now. He is no longer married to Sharon Bush.

Neil married Marla Adams in 2004, making her Lauren’s stepmother. 

Lauren Bush Lauren has accomplished a lot in the 35 years she has been around and she continues to move forward making a dent in the hunger crisis around the world.

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