Who is K. Michelle? Love & Hip Hop star had a relationship with Idris Elba — When did they date?

K. Michelle in the VSOP music video
K. Michelle dated Idris Elba years ago but she’s still talking about it. Pic credit: K. Michelle/YouTube

K. Michelle is an award-winning R&B artist with chart-topping hits and she’s appeared on three out of four of the Love & Hip Hop series but that’s not what people keep talking about. They want to know about K. Michelle’s relationship with Idris Elba, who recently won People’s Sexiest Man Alive.

It is true that K. Michelle dated the English actor best known for his roles in The Wire, Thor and The Jungle Book. But when did the pair date? In order to answer that, we had to do a bit of sleuthing.

It turns out that the V.S.O.P. singer’s first encounter with Idris Elba came at the Soul Train Awards in 2013. K. Michelle was up for best new artist and she won! She also won the attention of Idris, something many women would love to have.

While there have been rumblings about it for years, details of K. Michelle’s relationship with Idris Elba came out back in August when she sat down for an interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. She spoke in depth about her brief romance with Idris and ever since, it seems that everyone else just can’t stop talking about it.

She made it clear that there is no bitterness about their break up. In fact, there may not have even been a breakup as it doesn’t seem that K. Michelle and Idris Elba were ever really official given the timeline.

Their romance was very brief, only lasting a few months. That’s something that K. Michelle divulged based on when she met Idris and when it all ended but she didn’t come right out with the timeline. In reality, they dated for about two months.

After all, she did share that the whole thing ended when Idris was spotted on the red carpet with another woman, Naiyana Garth, in January 2014.

She would later become the mother of Idris Elba’s son Winston. And by later, we mean April 2014, so she would have been pregnant when Idris met K. Michelle.

The 2013 Soul Train Awards where she met him occurred on November 8, 2013, making it clear that this romance was short and he apparently was not committed.

K. Michelle has described Idris Elba as being a perfect gentleman and even said that he helped her so much. He was very supportive of her career. “He was so charming. It was like a movie,” she gushed about Idris.


She went further and divulged even more about the short-lived romance, letting everyone know how great in bed the English film star was.

While K, Michelle still pines away for Idris Elba, he has since moved on twice and that doesn’t sit well with the singer either. She blasted Elba during the interview for refusing to settle down with her, only to commit to Naiyana Garth and then later, after their relationship fizzled, move on to become engaged again.

It doesn’t look like Elba is worried about K. Michelle or her opinion of him either. In the months since the August interview, he hasn’t commented on his fling with K. Michelle. In fact, he already had her blocked on social media.


The Music Times reports that in 2015, an email from K. Michelle to Idris Elba was leaked and at that time, she still wasn’t over their very brief romance. In the email, she asked to speak to him over the phone, rather than in an email about how things ended, as she was still working through that hurt.

K. Michelle reportedly gave Idris her phone number and asked him to call in the email and it’s not clear if he ever did. What was learned, though, is that after she posted a few things he didn’t like, Idris blocked K. Michelle on Instagram and kept it moving.

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