Who is Firerose? Here’s what to know about Billy Ray Cyrus’ new fiancée

Billy Ray Cyrus poses at the MTV Video Music Awards and Firerose poses for a selfie.
Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus recently announced their engagement. Pic credit: @firerose/Instagram/© Collin/Image Press Agency

Billy Ray Cyrus is newly engaged to his partner, Firerose. The 61-year-old country singer and actor confirmed his engagement on November 16, 2022.

The two actually got engaged back in August without an engagement ring. However, he and the Australian singer have made things official with both a gorgeous ring and an official announcement.

Firerose has sparked some curiosity, given her whirlwind relationship with Cyrus. She and Cyrus bear some similarities as they are both passionate singers and songwriters.

The two originally met back when Cyrus was filming Hannah Montana and reunited for a music collaboration in 2021. The result of their collaboration was a single titled New Day.

Before their engagement, the two are believed to have started dating around the same time as their first musical collaboration. Meanwhile, the two have continued to collaborate on music together and recently released a second single, Time.

Here’s everything to know about Firerose and her relationship with Cyrus.

What is Firerose’s real name?

Firerose is the stage name the singer uses in her career. Her real name is believed to be Johanna Rosie Hodges, which is the name she is sometimes credited with on her music tracks.

However, she hasn’t personally confirmed her legal name. While she hasn’t been keen on advertising her real name, she has discussed her childhood a bit.

On her website, she explained that she was born in Sydney, Australia but raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in a family of symphony musicians, which gave her an early introduction to music.

Despite moving to the United States as a child, she returned to her home country for college. Firerose is a graduate of the prestigious Newtown School for the Performing Arts in Australia.

After her graduation, she returned to the United States, where she kicked off her music career.

Before she collaborated with Cyrus, she released a handful of solo tracks beginning in 2019. Some of her works include Fragile Handling and Way Out. However, she described 2021 as her breakthrough year given her work with Cyrus.

How old is Firerose?

Despite her high-profile relationship with Cyrus and her music career, Firerose has kept many details of her life private. Just as her legal name is hard to confirm, so is her age.

However, her age has most frequently been reported as 34. This makes her just a little more than half of Cyrus’ age.

She is within the age range of Cyrus’ five children – Miley, Noah, Trace, Brandi, Christopher Cody, and Braison. Noah is his youngest child at 22 and Brandi is the oldest at age 35.

Fortunately, Firerose and Cyrus don’t seem bothered by their age difference at all. On October 18, Firerose took to Instagram to subtly show off her engagement ring with a sizeable rock in it.

The two have also expressed their joy at being able to pursue their passion for music together as they continue to collaborate on new works.

Now that they have made their engagement official, they are bound to share more of their collaborations and adventures in the future.

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