Who is Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux who met Pope Francis in Vatican City?

Sophie Brussaux on Instagram
Drakes baby mama Sophie Brussaux. Pic credit: @sophieknowsbetter/Instagram.

Drake’s baby mama Sophie Brussaux met Pope Francis in Vatican City during a trip to Rome with her friends earlier this month. She gave Pope Francis a portrait of him that she created.

Brussaux, who is a talented artist, recently took to social media to share photos of herself meeting Pope Francis in the Vatican and presenting him with the portrait

“Such an honor to meet Pope Francis and gift him the portrait I painted for him in honor of his concert with and for the poor on November 9, 2019,” she wrote on Instagram.

Sophie Brussaux was revealed to fans as Drake’s baby mama by rapper Pusha T in his diss track, The Story of Adidon, released in May 2018. Pusha T rapped that Drake had a child named Adonis with Sophie.

He called Drake a deadbeat dad and accused him of hiding his child.

Drake first publicly admitted that he had a secret love child named Adonis with Sophie in his fifth studio album Scorpion released in June 2018.

He rapped about his son in multiple tracks of the album. In the fourth track of the album, titled Emotionless, he rapped that he was not hiding his kid from the world but that he was hiding the world from his kid.

Here is what you need to know about Drake’s baby mama, Sophie Brussaux.

Who is Sophie Brussaux?

Sophie Brussaux was born on August 1, 1990, in Bordeaux, France. She is a former porn star who performed as Rosee Divine.

Sophie reportedly attended Bordeaux International School in France and holds degrees in international affairs and wealth management.

Sophie and Drake were seen together in January 2017 at a restaurant in Amsterdam, and nine months later, in October 2017, she gave birth to their son Adonis. Sophie claimed that when she told Drake that she was pregnant with their child, he demanded an abortion, but she refused.

Sophie reportedly gave birth to Adonis in France, but she later moved to the U.S. with her son.

After she gave birth to Adonis, she took to Instagram to call Drake a deadbeat dad. Drake reportedly later agreed to support Sophie and their son Adonis financially.

Sophie quit the adult film industry and started working as an artist. She works as a painter and sculptor, with her work exhibited in art galleries in Europe and the U.S.

She runs a website where she exhibits her artwork. Her favorite subjects are Hollywood stars and A-list singers, and she has created colorful portraits of celebrities, such as Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michelle Obama, and Angelina Jolie.

Her paintings also explore subjects related to transhumanism, such as spiritual enlightenment, futurism, and artificial intelligence.

You can find Sophie Brussaux here on Instagram. She is admired for her 24-inch waist, which she flaunts on her Instagram.

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