Who is Corinne Masiero? Actress stripped naked at French film awards to protest COVID-19 restrictions

Actress Corinne Masiero
French actress Corinne Masiero stripped naked to protest COVID-19 restrictions during the French César Awards ceremony in Paris. Pic credit: @UniFrance/YouTube

French actress Corinne Masiero caused a shock when she stripped off her clothes while on stage during the live televised César Awards ceremony at Paris’ Olympia concert hall on Friday.

She took the action to protest the effect of government-imposed COVID-19 restrictions on artists, technicians, and other people employed in the entertainment industry across France, according to the Guardian.

The French government’s COVID-19 response led to the closure of theaters, cinemas, and other centers of arts and culture.

Masiero had protest messages written on her chest and back

Masiero stripped off her clothes to reveal the words “No culture, no future” written across her chest in the French language. She also had a message for the French prime minister Jean Castex on her back.

“Give us art back, Jean,” the message read.

Masiero was on stage to present the award for best costume

Masiero, 57, stripped while she was on stage to present the award for best costume at the César Awards ceremony.

She came to the stage wearing a donkey costume and a blood-red-stained dress but proceeded to remove the costume and dress.

She explained that her nakedness illustrated how the COVID-19 restrictions left the French people naked and exposed.

“Because now we are like this, completely naked,” Masiero said, according to Deadline.

This year’s César Awards ceremony was low-key and scaled-back

The César Awards ceremony is France’s version of the Oscars in the U.S.

It is biggest film awards ceremony in France, with plenty of publicity and fanfare. During the awards ceremony, the top players in the country’s entertainment industry come out to celebrate their achievements during the previous year.

But this year’s awards ceremony on Friday (May 12) was very low-key and scaled-back.

The usual red carpet procession for VIPs was skipped and fewer people attended due to the restrictions imposed by the public health authorities amid the COVID-19 health crisis.

There is widespread opposition to the restrictions in the entertainment industry

Masiero’s protest gave voice to the widespread anger and resentment among members of the country’s entertainment industry.

Many are feeling frustrated about the impact of the prolonged restrictions. They are upset by the refusal of the authorities to announce a date when entertainment centers, including cinemas, theaters, concert halls, galleries, and other centers of art will be allowed to reopen and resume normal business.

People have also protested the government restrictions in France demanding that the government allow culture and arts venues to reopen.

Protesters have also been demanding that the government offer more financial support to businesses and organizations that were adversely affected by the closures.

French comedienne Marina Foïs criticized the restrictions

The popular French comedienne Marina Foïs also criticized the government restrictions while delivering her opening speech at the ceremony.

She faulted the government’s COVID-19 response strategy and slammed the culture minister Roselyne Bachelot, wondering how she found the time to write a book during the coronavirus pandemic.

Who is Corinne Masiero?

Corinne Masiero is a French theater and screen actress known for her roles in films, such as Louise Wimmer, Rust and Bone, and 11.6.

She also appeared in TV series, such as Fait Pas Ci, Fait Pas Ca and Capitaine Marleau.

She was nominated for the Cesar Award for Best Actress for her role in Louise Wimmer.

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