Who is Cardi B’s publicist? Everything you need to know about Patience Foster

Patience Foster is Cardi B's longtime publicist. Pic credit: @iam_kingpee/Instagram
Patience Foster is Cardi B’s longtime publicist. Pic credit: @iam_kingpee/Instagram

Cardi B is on top of the world right now but she never forgot the people who helped her make it. One of those key people is Patience Foster, Cardi’s ride or die publicist. Patience has been by Cardi’s side for years and there have been many very public moments where she was standing on the sidelines, supporting the Money rapper.

When Cardi B made headlines after Offset tried to apologize to her on stage, Patience Foster was there. In fact, she took a lot of heat for that incident because Patience was the person who helped Offset set it all up.

Even though Cardi wasn’t thrilled with Offset’s public apology, when her fans lashed out at Patience for setting it up, Cardi came to her defense.

Who is Patience Foster?

Before Patience Foster started working for Cardi B, she was just a regular person who was struggling to make ends meet. After Patience graduated college with an English degree, she was still broke and working at Hertz before she decided to quit everything and start her own business.

With a 4-month old baby and no safety net, Patience opened up a salon and put everything she had into it. Having worked as a stylist to get herself through college, Patience knew this was something she could pull off.

In an interview with Money, Patience shared that she didn’t have any experience as a publicist before she began working with Cardi B. While she may have fibbed a bit and claimed she had a background in PR, it was during an unpaid internship that she impressed the former Love & Hip Hop star, launching quite a career for herself.

Every since, Patience has worked hard for Cardi B, tirelessly keeping tabs on the rapper’s career and making sure that she tends to any and all emergencies that may pop up.  So when Cardi went from stripper to reality TV star to chart-topping, Grammy-nominated superstar within just a couple of years, Patience stayed with her as her publicist to this day.

More like family now

Patience gives Cardi a lot of credit for putting her on but has said a few times now that she would have found a way to make it with the rapper’s help or not.

However, after working together for years, Cardi and Patience are more like family now. The Motorsport rapper even makes sure that Patience’s mother and her son have a space on tour so they can come to visit her.

So when a “fan” recently lashed out at Cardi B after the rapper refused to take a picture, Patience was quick to defend her. She even threatened to “smack the sh*t” out of the woman after she told Cardi, “no wonder your husband left you.”

Further proving that Patience Foster has become a part of Cardi B’s family, she also reps Cardi’s sister, Hennessey Carolina, who is also making a huge name for herself lately and is known as one of the most stylish New Yorkers.

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