Brendan McLoughlin: Who is Miranda Lambert’s new husband?

Brendan McLouglin with a police K9 while working
Miranda Lambert’s wedding came as a surprise. Pic credit: NYPD Midtown South/Twitter

Miranda Lambert is married but the identity of her husband is still something fans are learning about. After the country star revealed her secret wedding news, many have been wondering who is Brendan McLoughlin, Miranda’s new husband?

Miranda and Brendan got married in a secret ceremony on Saturday. What makes their marriage even more shocking is that no one knew anything about Miranda’s new man before she made the wedding announcement.

It turns out that Brendan is a police officer and works for the New York Police Department. There are several photos of McLoughlin on the NYPD Midtown South Twitter feed over the years as he has worked as an active officer with the department.

According to PEOPLE, Brendan McLoughlin is also a new dad, having welcomed a new baby back in November 2018. It’s unknown whether McLoughlin’s child is a girl or a boy but it was reported that the new baby is the result of an old relationship.

Prior to police work, Brendan had aspirations to be a model. His profile on Model Mayhem has already been dug up, showing that when Miranda Lambert’s new husband was just 19 years old, he tried his hand at modeling, a career that he certainly could have pulled off, judging by his good looks.

Based on the age in his modeling profile, Brendan McLoughlin would now be around 28 years old compared to her 35 years. We also learned from his modeling aspirations that Miranda’s new man is 5′ 11” tall.

There’s still a lot to learn about Miranda Lambert’s new husband and now that their secret wedding is not-so-secret, more information is likely to come out about Brendan McLoughlin in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, congratulations are in order for Miranda Lambert, who is now celebrating her second marriage. She was previously married to Blake Shelton.

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