Who is Amina Muaddi? Rihanna’s shoe designer caught up in A$AP Rocky cheating allegations

Amina Muaddi
Amina Muaddi, Rihanna’s shoe designer caught up in cheating allegations. Pic credit: @aminamuaddi/Instagram

Amina Muaddi has found herself in the middle of A$AP Rocky cheating allegations.

Numerous sources have denied the claims and Muaddi herself has spoken out about the claim being fabricated. 

But, just who is Muaddi and how is she connected to Rihanna? 

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Read on to find out.

Amina Muaddi is a shoe designer for the stars 

Muaddi is Hollywood’s go-to woman for footwear.

The designer has created shoes for numerous celebrities, under a brand named after herself. 

She worked with Rihanna on the footwear for Fenty.

“Fenty reached out to me because Ri liked what I did and she was wearing my shoes and rocking them flawlessly,” Muaddi told Harper Bazaar in 2020.

Muaddi also worked with A$AP Rocky’s creative agency AWGE. “We’ve been working on this collab for more than a year. We’re so excited to finally share it with the world,” Muaddi wrote via Instagram when the collection was released in December 2020.

Amina Muaddi has Jordanian and Romanian heritage 

Muaddi’s father is from Jordan and her mother is Romanian. Therefore, she spent her childhood in both countries. 

Muaddi was born in Romania, but her family later moved to Amman, Jordan. 

After her parents divorced, she returned to Romania.

Muaddi’s heritage has has influenced how she runs her business. 

“Look, I’ve been talking about diversity from when I was able to talk, because that’s me – I am diverse. Brown people like me have always known how important diversity is,” she told The Guardian in July 2020. “But I’m not trying to lead, I’m just trying to do the right thing in my business, and that means having diversity in my team and in my campaigns.”

Amina Muaddi appeared on the cover of Vogue

For Vogue Arabia’s fifth anniversary, they highlighted three of the biggest names in fashion for taking Arabia global and included Muaddi on their list.  

“I’m honored to be featured on this special 500-page issue, the biggest ever produced alongside these gracious powerhouses. A brown Jordanian Romanian girl with an Italian background doing what she loves, trying to make women a few inches happier and sassier,” she wrote via Instagram in February 2022.

When the issue was made available in April 2022, Muaddi wrote about how honored she was on Instagram. “Thank you again for following my journey and supporting me through it, it’s such an honor to be on the cover of Vogue! I was once a fashion assistant at the italian edition of the magazine and for my university graduation project I created the first issue of Vogue Romania so this is a full circle moment for me.”

Amina Muaddi was featured in Milan Fashion Week 

Muaddi has worked for some big names in fashion and has had great honors as a designer.

After studying at the European Institute of Design in Milan,  Muaddi worked as an assistant stylist for Vogue Italy, L’Uomo Vogue and GQ. 

Then, she decided to design shoes. Her first line, Oscar Tiye, was featured at Milan Fashion Week in 2013.

The designer is a big name in fashion, independent of the cheating rumors.

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