Who are O.J. Simpson’s 5 kids and where are they now?

OJ Simpson at a party
O.J. Simpson was the father of five children. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.comJR

The news of O.J. Simpson’s death has brought up many questions about the former NFL star.

One of those questions concerns his children, who have spent most of their lives avoiding the spotlight.

O.J.’s children were thrust into a media frenzy when he was accused of brutally killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

After a high-profile trial, where O.J. was acquitted, and his children were forced to bear the brunt of public scrutiny, those close to his kids worked to give them a life of privacy.

Now, as O.J.’s death puts those kids back in the limelight, it’s time to learn more about them.

Here’s what we know about O.J.’s five children.

O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson’s kids

Sydney and Justin Simpson are O.J.’s youngest children with the late Nicole. Justin was only 5-years-old when his mother died, while Sydney was only 8-years-old.

They became national fixtures following their mother’s horrible death and the events that followed surrounding their dad. In Florida, Justin and Sydney were raised by Nicole’s parents, Louis and Judith Brown, as well as her sisters, Denise Brown and Margit Carr.

Today, 35-year-old Justin works as a real estate agent. On February 22, Justin revealed that he would welcome his first child, a daughter.

Meanwhile, 38-year-old Sydney also works in real estate, but rather than selling, she manages properties. Unlike her younger brother, Sydney isn’t on social media, valuing her privacy.

O.J. Simpson and Marguerite Whitley’s kids

Before marrying Nicole, O.J. was married to Marguerite Whitley. They had three kids: daughters Arnelle and Aaren and son Jason.

Sadly, Aaren died just one month shy of her second birthday after drowning in the family’s pool. The incident was something neither O.J. nor Marguerite ever got over and rarely spoke about.

51-year-old Jason was at O.J.’s Brentwood home following the infamous Bronco chase as he tried to help his father surrender. Authorities used a handcuffed Jason to coax O.J. to be taken into custody.

There has been speculation from investigator William Dear that Jason was the one who killed Nicole and Ronald. However, Jason was never considered a suspect in the case.

These days, Jason stays out of the limelight. Not only does he not have social media, but Jason doesn’t do interviews. According to In Touch, Jason has built a career as a chef in Atlanta.

O.J.’s oldest daughter, Arnelle, grew up watching her father have a successful football career. Although Arnelle was a huge supporter of her father, she and O.J. had a very rocky relationship.

According to the DailyMail, while O.J. was in jail after being convinced of armed robbery in Las Vegas, Arnelle allegedly let his mansion into foreclosure. O.J. claimed his daughter had a severe drinking problem.

However, years later, Arnelle was right there to support O.J. at his parole hearing. Today, Arnelle keeps her life private, including her social media accounts, so not much is known about her.

O.J. Simpson has passed away, leaving behind his four children. Our thoughts go out to them.

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