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Whitney Cummings: Instagram boobs photo was posted after I smoked pot

Whitney Cummings
Comedian Whitney Cummings posted boob image on Instagram. Pic credit:

In a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Comedian Whitney Cummings talked about the time last April when she exposed her boobs in a video she posted on Instagram.

Whitney did not realize when she posted the video, which showed her in a bath as she exposed a boob and nipple.

During the interview with Clarkson on November 21, she claimed that she was high on pot when she accidentally posted the video showing her breast and nipple exposed.

“It was actually my own fault,” she said. “I was doing Instagram Stories one night and weed is now legal in California, which is not a good mix. I had done [a Story] and it [my phone] kind of slipped a little bit, and then people were like, ‘Oh my God, your boob is on Instagram!'”

Kelly joked that if she had a body like Whitney’s she’d be happy to leak a nude photo of herself.

Whitney immediately deleted the video after she discovered her mistake, but some people took screenshots and tried to extort her with them. But she refused to be intimidated and instead, she posted the images in August to Twitter. She also posted a message in a series of tweets explaining why she posted the images.

“In April I accidentally posted an insta story that showed nipple,” she tweeted. “Once I realized, I deleted. The people who took screen grabs are trying to get money from me, some said they have offers to sell them, some are asking for money to not post the photo.”

She told Clarkson that she posted the images to Twitter to take back control from the people who were attempting to extort her. She said she couldn’t allow herself to give away her money because she worked too hard to earn it.

“I just took the bargaining chip off the table,” Cummings told Clarkson. “It was the only thing I knew how to do. It’s a boob!”

She said she was annoyed that people were trying to extort her over the images because there were “better nude photos of me.”

“I’m in the bathtub,” she said. “I look like I’m having a home birth.”

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