Where is Diane Macedo on World News Now? Pregnant anchor is getting more sleep!

Diane Macedo
Diane Macedo, who is pregnant, presenting World News Now. Pic credit: ABC

Diane Macedo fans have noticed her missing from her World News Now desk, and have been questioning where she is.

Back in June, Macedo announced she was pregnant and it’s not long before she is set to give birth. Some fans started speculating that the fact she was missing in action must mean she’s already welcomed her newborn into the world — but that’s not the case.

Due to World News Now’s scheduling, the news anchor said she has been doing Good Morning America and ABC News Live instead to ensure that she gets some proper sleep.

She also confirmed that she has not had her baby yet, but that the birth was around the corner. She has not provided a due date, but when she announced the news back in late June, she revealed that in five months, she would not be getting any sleep. That would make her due date late November — roughly.

Macedo has spent recent weeks getting ready for her little boy. She recently shared a photo from her home revealing that she was getting the nursery ready.

She also shared a few parenting-firsts, and before Halloween posted a photo of herself and her husband Thomas Morgan, who she married in 2013, at a pumpkin patch when she was 33 weeks pregnant.

Is Diane Macedo leaving World News Now?

There are no indications that Diane Macedo won’t be coming back to the World News Now news desk. It seems that she is just making adjustments to cope with her pregnancy. Once her maternity leave is over, it’s likely that Diane Macedo will return.

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