Wheel of Fortune fans protest Ryan Seacrest replacing Pat Sajak: ‘Nobody wants Ryan’

Ryan will take over Pat’s job next year. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Pat Sajak is finishing out his final season on Wheel of Fortune before there’s a new sheriff in town — Ryan Seacrest.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Ryan will take the reins next year following Pat’s 41st and final season as the host of Wheel of Fortune.

Pat officially announced his retirement in June 2023, and his replacement was made public soon after.

The news of Pat’s retirement saddened many longtime Wheel of Fortune viewers, who have watched the 76-year-old grace their TV screens forovern four decades.

When news of Pat’s replacement went public, Wheel of Fortune viewers had strong reactions and mixed reviews, and months later, they’re still voicing their opinions.

While Ryan was met with support by many for his upcoming hosting duties, there have been just as many, if not more, critics who don’t think he’s the man for the job at Wheel of Fortune.

Despite Ryan’s career as a successful and beloved TV host and producer, some Wheel of Fortune viewers are expressing their disapproval that he was chosen to supercede Pat.

Some of Ryan’s critics recently conveyed their disdain on Instagram.

In a post shared by Pat’s daughter, Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent Maggie Sajak, the blonde beauty posed for a photo alongside Pat’s longtime co-host and confidant, the legendary Vanna White.

The photogenic duo stood in front of the tile board on set, and in the caption, Maggie wrote, “Big fan of Van🤍.”

While the photo had nothing to do with Ryan, his naysayers showed up in the comments section to communicate how unhappy they are that he’ll be replacing Pat.

Wheel of Fortune fans take aim at Ryan Seacrest

“I think Maggie should, when Pat retires, step into that position,” wrote one Instagram user whose vote is for Maggie to take over for her dad.

They added that they’ve heard the news of Ryan coming to Wheel of Fortune after next season and made it clear that once he takes over, they’re “done with the Wheel.”

Another disparager wrote, “No body wants Ryan stupid Seacrest either that I’ve talked with…get a new face.”

wheel of fortune viewers comment about ryan seacrest on instagram
Maggie Sajak’s IG followers spoke out against Ryan Seacrest replacing her father next year. Pic credit: @maggiesajak/Instagram

In response, another Wheel of Fortune fan agreed, writing, “NOBODY wants Seacrest!!”

One more commenter revealed their desire for Maggie to fill her father’s shoes rather than for Ryan to do so, hoping that she’ll take over for the American Idol judge instead.

“Can’t wait to see you as the replacement for [Seacrest],” they wrote.

Not only did longtime fans of Wheel of Fortune speak out after Ryan was hired as the new host, but veteran tile-turner Vanna reportedly had something to say about it, too, and it wasn’t exactly complimentary.

Vanna White reportedly felt ‘disrespected’ that Ryan was chosen over her to take over Pat’s hosting duties

An insider spoke with The Daily Mail over the summer and claimed that Vanna felt as though the Wheel of Fortune producers showed an enormous “lack of respect” for her by hiring Ryan instead of herself to take over Pat’s role.

“She was disappointed that they didn’t give her more of a chance to take over Pat’s job or that she wasn’t able to give her two cents on the replacement,” the source told the publication.

As for Ryan, he has made it clear that he can’t wait to work alongside the iconic Vanna White next year.

During an episode of NBC’s Sunday Today with Willie Geist, Ryan received the news that Vanna’s contract had been extended and expressed his joy on air.

“This is such great news,” was Ryan’s reaction. “I have been very excited to work with her, but now that it’s official, I can say, ‘Congratulations Vanna! I can’t wait.'”

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights on ABC.

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