What is Kevin Spacey doing now? Billionaire Boys Club release date coming

Kevin Spacey can be seen playing Ron Levin in Billionaire Boys Club
Kevin Spacey can be seen playing Ron Levin in Billionaire Boys Club

Kevin Spacey has found himself back in the news after Robin Wright finally spoke out about her former House of Cards co-star.

The actress’s comments were the first time that Wright had talked about Spacey following the pile of accusations made against him in recent months, which she said had “surprised and saddened” her and the rest of the crew.

Just days before Robin Wright broke her silence, news broke of three more sexual assault accusations against Spacey. Two of those accusations allegedly happened in London, the third in Gloucester as recently as 2013 according to the BBC.

The total number of sexual assault accusations against Kevin Spacey being investigated by police in London now stands at five, along with one claim of assault. Other accusers in the U.S. have also waged accusations against the actor.

The first came from actor Anthony Rapp, who says Spacey made unwanted advances toward him back in 1986 when he was just 14 years old. Ever since, accusations and allegations have poured in, causing Spacey’s career to collapse.

He was quickly removed from the Netflix hit House of Cards after accusations of misconduct were made by people who worked on the show. He was also replaced by Christopher Plummer on the Ridley Scott film All The Money In The World.

It would seem that Kevin Spacey’s career abruptly ended when the #metoo accusations began as those around him distanced themselves and refused to work alongside him. Does that mean we’ll never see Spacey in a movie again?

It might seem surprising that Spacey is still set to have a film coming out this year called Billionaire Boys Club where he’ll star alongside Taron Egerton, Suki Waterhouse, and Emma Roberts. The film is based on a true story about a group of young men in the 80s who launched a get-rich-quick scheme that turned deadly.

Like many of Kevin Spacey’s films before it, the trailer makes the movie look excellent. However, there are still questions about whether Billionaire Boys Club will be a success because of Spacey’s involvement.

If you’re asking yourself whether or not Kevin Spacey’s career is over, the answer could certainly lie in the success of Billionaire Boys Club — if it does indeed come out. Whether the movie succeeds or fails may serve as a litmus test for movie studios to determine if the public will continue to support Spacey’s career.

Billionaire Boys Club is set to get a limited release in theaters by Vertical Entertainment after opening via video on demand on July 17. The film was already complete by the time the accusations came out about Spacey, which left the film in limbo until a decision was made about its release.

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