What is J Prince known for?

J Prince Instagram
J Prince has been in the news lately with the death of Migos rapper Takeoff, but who is he? Pic credit: @jprincerespect/Instagram

J Prince’s name has been floating around nonstop since the death of Migos member Takeoff in Houston, Texas. Takeoff was with his uncle and Migos bandmate Quavo at J Prince’s son’s birthday party at a bowling alley when the 28-year-old rapper was shot and killed.

J Prince, or James Prince, is the CEO and founder of Rap-A-Lot Records based in Houston. J Prince and his son Jas are credited with helping Drake get signed to Cash Money Records. Jas is the son who was hosting the birthday party where Takeoff was killed.

J Prince is said to be the inspiration for several southern hip-hop labels, such as Cash Money Records and No Limit Records. He started the careers of Scarface, Bun B, and The Ghetto Boys.

He also has managed several boxers, including Floyd Mayweather Jr and Andre Ward. He even opened a Houston boxing gym that later became the Prince Boxing Complex which is now a multi-million-dollar property.

J Prince’s net worth is said to be around $35 million. He also invested his wealth into a private island and owning a ranch in Houston where he raises Angus cattle.

In 2007, Houston Mayor Bill White honored J Prince for his work in the 5th Ward neighborhood in Houston where he grew up. He named January 30 “J Prince Day.”

J Prince said that he would not protect Takeoff’s killer

In a message posted on his Instagram page, J Prince says he will not protect Takeoff’s killer. He starts the post by offering his condolences to the family and friends of the slain rapper.

He said he has known Takeoff and his Migos Bandmates Quavo and Offset for quite a while. He also noted that Takeoff’s murder should have never happened.

He then stated, “whomever is responsible for putting a bullet in my little nephews head, let it be known that you can’t hide behind me, beside me or anywhere near me.”

Was J Prince Jr seen walking past Takeoff without helping him after he was shot?

A video of the aftermath of Takeoff’s shooting was released on TMZ. In the video, Quavo called for help for Takeoff, who was on the ground after being shot.

Some say that J Prince Jr can be seen walking past Takeoff without offering any help. A Twitter user noted that J Prince Jr is notorious for being around when rappers die.

A Twitter user speaks on J Prince Jr
Pic credit: @5iveam/Twitter

One Twitter user wanted to know why J Prince spoke out before his son.

A Twitter user speaks on J Prince Jr
Pic credit: @MrKlutch42/Twitter

J Prince Jr is the CEO and founder of the streetwear brand Mob Ties. He was at the bowling alley celebrating his brother Jas’s birthday.

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