What is FaZe Clan? Snoop Dogg has joined them and changed his name

Snoop Dogg. "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" Los Angeles Premiere held at The TCL Chinese Theatre
Snoop Dogg is now FaZe Snoop after joining FaZe Clan, but many fans have no idea what FaZe Clan is. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Snoop Dogg has joined FaZe Clan as FaZe Snoop and that means… Actually, what does that mean?

Although this isn’t the first time Snoop Dogg has changed his name, even if briefly, this is one of the more perplexing changes fans have seen. Snoop Lion at least had an explanation, but FaZe Snoop has left many fans perplexed.

Snoop Dogg tweeted out the announcement that he joined FaZe Clan and FaZe quickly welcomed him into their group as Faze Snoop.

What is FaZe Clan?

FaZe Clan’s Twitter bio says they are “32-time champions” and boasts “You can do it do it too.” They advertise related accounts for Esports, their store, and PR. 

Their Twitter feed includes shoutouts to FaZe Clan members, different gaming events, promotions, and tweets where they welcome new members.

Naturally, they sent out a Tweet to welcome Snoop Dogg to their family.

Fortunately, their website goes into more depth about who they are and what they do. 

Their about page states that they started out as kids on the internet with a “diehard love for video games” and access to cameras. Since they began, they’ve turned FaZe Clan into a “global creative engine” that helps define gaming. And “most importantly, we’re a family.” 

FaZe Clan began in 2010 and in the last 12 years, it has become a prominent and influential organization for gaming. They are known for their original content and global fanbase, boosting over 389 million fans across all of their social media platforms. 

FaZe Clan is reportedly “at the center of gaming, sports, culture, and entertainment, contributing to how the next generation consumes content, plays, and shops.”

At present, FaZe clan includes nine competitive Esports teams and they have an apparel line and fashion style that is in high demand. 

FaZe Snoop, or Snoop Dogg, isn’t the first celebrity to join the FaZe Clan. They have a lot of gamers and influential personalities on board, including other rappers like Lil Yachty and Offset. 

Each FaZe Clan member has their own page that features an illustration of them and a short bio. 

Snoop Dogg joins Offset and Lil Yachty as the newest addition to the FaZe Clan family

Offset’s page has him labeled as a content creator and lists his real name, Kiari Cephus. His bio includes the game he’s best at, Call of Duty, and the year he joined FaZe, 2019. His page also includes links to his social media accounts. 

Lil Yachty’s page is similar. He’s labeled as a content creator who joined in 2019 and his best games are either Fortnite or Call of Duty. His real name, Miles McCollum, is listed as well as his FaZe name, FaZe Boat. His social media accounts are listed as well. Lil Yachty’s links include one to his Twitch account, a platform commonly used to stream video games. 

Although he just joined, Snoop Dogg already has his own profile on the FaZe site. 

Snoop Dogg is another content creator with the FaZe name of FaZe Snoop. His real name is just Snoop Dogg. He just joined this month and the game he’s best at is Madden.  FaZe Snoop’s social media links include a Twitch streaming account as well where fans may be able to watch the legendary rapper play Madden from time to time. 

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