What does Zach Roloff do for a living? Little People, Big World star isn’t just on television

Zach Roloff in the Little People, Big World confessional
Zach Roloff alludes to money issues. Pic credit: TLC

Zach Roloff is back on TLC with the newest season of Little People, Big World debuting tonight. The season premiere focused on the celebration of Jackson’s first birthday, but viewers also picked up some clues about Zach and Tori Roloff’s financial situation.

The trailer for Little People, Big World alluded to the fact that Zach Roloff may be having financial issues. In a confessional, he revealed that the couple has two mortgages and admitted that he may be in over his head.

What does Zach Roloff do for a living?

Aside from starring on the TLC show Little People, Big World, Zach Roloff is really into soccer. He has coached several leagues and has also played in the dwarf version of the sport on various teams. It is one of his biggest passions and he can give back to the community at the same time.

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Obviously, Zach Roloff has also helped with the Roloff farm for years. While it isn’t exactly clear whether he did it out of obligation or for a paycheck, it is something that was done.

During the season premiere, Zach and Tori talked about wanting to spend as much time there as possible to build memories for their family despite not having control over what happens.

How much does Zach Roloff make for filming Little People, Big World?

According to Business Insider, “A” players on reality television shows can make $7,000 to $10,000 per episode. While the show focuses on all of the Roloffs (the one who will film anyway), it is likely that Zach Roloff makes around $7,000 an episode. If they do 10 episodes per season, that is $70,000.

Reality television is a mystery when trying to figure out what each person makes per episode. Zach Roloff definitely doesn’t solely depend on the Little People, Big World money, but it does help.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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