Livvy Dunne thanks singer Morgan Wallen for an autograph

Livvy Dunne selfie
Livvy Dunne showed off her musical taste in a recent selfie. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne is truly taking not only the gymnastics world by storm but the internet as well, and after the NCAA’s new Name, Image, and Likeness policy she has been making seven figures a year. That’s a good chunk of change for someone who just turned 20.

The LSU gymnast has racked up 3.7 million Instagram followers, meaning she is constantly keeping them up to date on everything from her clothing choices to the music she likes, and of course how she’s doing at various meets.

She recently returned to the bars to help her team, the LSU Tigers, beat rival Alabama after a hiatus due to an injury.

The blonde bombshell shared a recent Instagram Story in which she was seen taking a selfie and holding up an album from country singer Morgan Wallen.

It appeared to have been autographed with a black M and W in permanent marker, and she wrote on the photo, “thank you @morganwallen :).”

Though she doesn’t often talk about her favorite genre, it’s now clear that Olivia is a big fan of country music.

She posed in a gray tank top and made gazed into the camera as she held the CD to her face.

Livvy Dunne taking a selfie with a Morgan Wallen CD
Livvy Dunne sported a gray tank top and held up a Morgan Wallen CD for an Instagram Story. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne appeared in People magazine to talk about the NIL Policy

Livvy recently spoke to People magazine about the NIL Policy, as she is the highest-paid NCAA female athlete. She told them her life completely changed after the policy, and she wants to help other girls by setting an example.

She explained to the publication, “There was no roadmap of how to do school, your athletics and social media all at the same time. There’s really no one that’s ever done it. And I figured I could change that.”

She continued, “I could pave the way and be a good example to young girls that look up to me.”

Livvy endorses several brands including Plantfuel

The stunning gymnast makes seven figures a year from her endorsements, with the biggest being her partnerships with Vuori clothing and American Eagle.

She has other smaller endorsements as well, including Plantfuel, a plant-based performance and protein supplement that also prides itself on sustainable packaging.

The site sells packaged performance protein, pre-workout, and recovery supplements as well as daily hydration and immunity supplements.

Livvy shared a picture of herself in the kitchen wearing a sports bra with matching leggings and leaning next to several Plantfuel products.

She wrote in the caption, “Excited to be on the @plantfuel team! I love the daily hydration before practice.”

In August of last year, she appeared on the Plantfuel Instagram page to share her overnight oats recipe using the All-In-One Nutrition powder.

She showed off her insanely toned arms in a black tank top as she went about making her recipe in a mason jar to be put in the refrigerator overnight.

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