Watch Steve Irwin’s son Robert nearly get attacked by a crocodile

Robert Irwin posing on the red carpet
Robert Irwin has a dangerous encounter with a crocodile on the finale episode of his show. Pic credit: ©

Robert Irwin has posted a sneak peek to his Instagram of his television series, Crikey! It’s the Irwins in which he is almost attacked by a striking crocodile.

The Australian TV personality and animal enthusiast is the son of the beloved “Crocodile Hunter,” Steve Irwin.

In its fourth season, the series is a reality show that features the Irwin family and their work at the Australia Zoo. It premiered in October of 2018 on Animal Planet.

In the Instagram video Robert posted, he is shown feeding the saltwater crocodile named “Casper” for the first time. Irwin described Casper as their wildest crocodile at the Australia Zoo, who was set to be the “new star of the Mid-Day Crocodile Scene Show.”

Irwin moved Casper to a new part of the zoo and administered a “test” to make sure he was settled into the new enclosure. Irwin wanted to get him out of the water and start throwing food in his direction to see how the crocodile would react. However, Casper violently jumped out and seemingly went after Robert — avoiding all food thrown at him.

Irwin described it as one of the most intense crocodile feeds he’s ever done

Robert Irwin addressed the nail-biting scene in the caption of his Instagram video. He wrote, “We’ve definitely saved the best for last, including one of the most intense croc feeds I’ve done!”

He then explained the importance of treating the animals correctly and ensuring their safety.

“We prioritise natural behaviour with our crocs. By getting in their enclosures with them, and letting them put on those huge strikes from the water’s edge, they get to use all of their predatory instincts and they just love it! Plus we can educate everyone about their conservation,” he wrote. “But safety for us is also crucial and you definitely have to know when to call it. And with such a powerful and quick croc like Casper we had no choice but to bail!”

Steve Irwin’s legacy lives on through Crikey! It’s the Irwins

The popular Animal Planet series primarily features Terri, Robert, and Bindi Irwin. Terri, the mother of both Robert and Bindi, is the owner of the Australian Zoo. The series follows the family as they care for the zoo’s animals, embark on wildlife adventures, and give viewers a glimpse into their home life.

Their father, Steve Irwin, was a famous wildlife enthusiast and television personality. Steve sadly passed in 2006 after being pierced in the chest by a stingray while filming in the Great Barrier Reef. The sudden and devastating death broke the hearts of many around the world.

Known and recognized as “The Crocodile Hunter,” it’s no surprise his son had all the proper knowledge and tools for handling the dangerous reptile in the finale episode. Seeing how Robert took control of the crocodile situation at hand, it is certain that Steve would be immensely proud of his son’s success today.

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