Watch Maren Morris sing magical duet with Hozier

maren morris hozier song
Maren Morris looked and sounded amazing in one of two duets from her recent appearance at The Hollywood Bowl. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia

Maren Morris was a vision in white as she performed an epic duet with Hozier, following another amazing performance with John Mayer.

She shared footage of her Hozier performance, following a post with her Mayer duet, on her Instagram for her 1.6 million followers.

The clip showed the 32-year-old as she captivated a crowd of fans with her signature voice and stunning fashion sense.

Maren’s latest share saw her stick with singing, something she does very well. She and Hozier sang The Bones, something she excitedly referenced in the caption.

The video began with Hozier singing as the camera recorded from afar. The shot was visually stunning, with green curtains draped behind Hozier and Maren, adding to the earthy vibe of the set.

There were also green trees on either side of the stage, which added symmetry and life to the forest theme.

Maren Morris makes beautiful music with Hozier

Maren joined in as the two began harmonizing and possibly creating a moment in history. The songstress appeared to get particularly excited as she danced and jumped to the music.

Maren looked pure in white as she belted out tunes wearing a strapless thigh-skimming dress that highlighted her famous figure. 

Although Maren didn’t break out the guitar for this duet, another song saw her grab her instrument.

Maren has been a breath of fresh air since she appeared on the country scene.

And while her progressive views and willingness to call out more established artists like Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, may have caused some controversy, there is no denying that she says what she wants.

Maren Morris is an LGBTQ+ ally

Maren revealed that her mother’s uncle died of AIDS in the nineties and that her family was open and inclusive. She acknowledged that much of the country music industry did not share her sentiments, although that has slowly started to change.

Maren’s upbringing and life experiences may explain why she became offended and emotional when Brittany Aldean thanked her parents for keeping her gender the same during her tomboy phase.

Brittany’s comments were deemed transphobic, with critics, including Maren, denouncing the singer.

Maren said, “It was just always a conversation in our household that we’re all the same, and there is no ‘us and you.’ I think that being instilled in me from such an early age, particularly growing up in the south, was really important.”

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