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Watch Machine Gun Kelly tell Travis Barker he changed the album name after they both got it tattooed

Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker
Machine Gun Kelly had some bad and hilarious news for his buddy, Travis Barker. Pic credit: @MachineGunKelly/YouTube and ©

Machine Gun Kelly has gained viral attention on TikTok for posting a hilarious video with his close friend and collaborator, Travis Barker.

Barker, most notably known as the drummer for Blink 182, put out two songs with MGK last year – The first single Papercuts in August and A Girl Like You in September.

Machine Gun Kelly posted a new video on TikTok of the two sitting down next to each other, seemingly about to have a serious conversation.

MGK reveals big news to Barker through the video

He starts off by saying, “Okay, we’re friends no matter what, right?” To which Barker responds, “yeah, of course.”

Kelly continues on to say, “Remember when we got the album name tattooed on our arms?”

He then inserts a clip from six months prior of the two showing off matching forearm tattoos. The phrase, and their new album title at the time, is displayed – “born with horns.” Or so they thought.

Travis’s good spirit is shown right away, as he laughs as soon as he realizes what MGK is about to tell him. Kelly then confirms through his laughter that he’s changing the name of their soon-to-be album.

Barker then asks what the new album name will be, and the title is displayed on the next clip:

Born With Horns is changed to Mainstream Sellout.

Perhaps the funniest part of the video, however, is the most subtle caption possible that just reads – “my bad @travisbarker.”

The original video of them getting the tattoos was posted by Machine Gun Kelly in the beginning of August. Fans today have flooded the comments on the post to laugh about the fact that “born with horns” is no longer the name.

The majority of the new comments on the video can be summed up by what user @nicoleee_521 wrote:

“This didn’t age well lmao.”

Instagram comment on Machine Gun Kelly's video
Pic credit: @machinegunkelly/Instagram

Many fans of MGK are comparing video to scene in The Dirt

Machine Gun Kelly recently portrayed founder/musician Tommy Lee in the biopic on popular 80’s rock band Motley Crue. The film, titled The Dirt, was released on Netflix in March of 2019.

In The Dirt, the band’s manager Doc McGhee gets a tattoo that reads “Entertainment of Death,” which was the original title for the band’s third album. In the film, he is informed by Sixx that the name of the album has been changed to Theatre of Pain after getting irreversibly inked.

Fans were quick to notice the correlation between MGK’s TikTok video and this scene from the biopic.

One user wrote, “So same thing that happened in the movie dirt where mgk is a lead role and the band manager got the album tatted and they changed it.”

Comment on Machine Gun Kelly's Tik Tok
Pic credit: @machinegunkelly/TikTok

Another thread started when @danyphantom666 commented, “It’s giving motley crue and theatre of pain.”

Comment on Machine Gun Kelly's TikTok
Pic credit: @machinegunkelly/TikTok

Overall, fans have a mixed reaction about the name change. Some prefer Born With Horns over Mainstream Sellout, while others claim the change was the right move.

Despite the change, fans of both MGK and Barker are continuing to wait anxiously for the album release date – no matter what the name is.

Maybe next time these two will wait until after it drops to get permanently inked, though.

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