Watch LeBron James try not to laugh as Macy Gray sang the National Anthem

Lebron James at the NBA Finals
Lebron James tried not to laugh during the singing of the National Anthem on Sunday. Pic credit: NBA On Fire/YouTube

Macy Gray may have performed the National Anthem on Sunday, but LeBron James’s reaction has taken over the spotlight.

Gray sang her own rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star game in Cleveland, Ohio, on February 20th.

LeBron James was seen holding in laughter during Gray’s performance

The 2001 Grammy-winning artist from Ohio sang with a single guitarist by her side before the Miami Heat vs. LA Lakers showdown.

Her swanky, jazzy version of the song was surely noticed by the Laker’s leading man, LeBron. In the live broadcast, the camera panned to LeBron with Stephen Curry by his side right before the final arc of the song.

LeBron was seen holding it together right as Gray sang the line that started with the words, “gave proof.” Let’s just say LeBron was the one “giving proof” on how he felt at that exact moment.

Not only did the NBA star smirk at that moment, he then looked up and then put his head down in an attempt to hold in his laughter.

Watch the clip below:

Natalie Renee McIntyre, known professionally as Macy Gray, is most notably recognized for her bluesy and soulful style. The R&B singer/songwriter is most known for her hit song I Try off her debut album, On How Life Is. She most recently released her album Ruby, which was her 10th studio album, in 2018.

Fans are going crazy over LeBron’s reaction

Viewers of the game and those who have simply watched the clip have been jumping in to give their thoughts on LeBron’s reaction. Many fans agreed that they would have shown the same facial expressions as he did if a camera pointed was pointed at them.

One Twitter user wrote, “Lol he was doing what we all was doing or thinking.”

Tweet agreeing with Lebron James's reaction
Pic credit: @NovusDivus/Twitter

Another user agreed – @beeweesdad tweeted, “Be honest… you were laughing too.”

Comment that says be honest you were laughing too.
Pic credit: @NovusDivus/Twitter

Another tweet explained Gray’s version of the National Anthem as a “drunk performance” and claimed another artist could have performed it better.

“I’m shocked Lebron could hold it together that good,” @marsha_vivante wrote. “Still shaking my head at that drunk-performance. Jennifer Hudson would have brought the house down.”

Long comment about Lebron James's reaction
Pic credit: @NovusDivus/Twitter

However, some fans have stepped in to defend Macy’s Gray version of the Star-Spangled Banner by saying it was unique to her style.

On a YouTube video of Gray’s full performance, Pamela Bell commented, “That was one of the most beautiful renditions of the star-spangled banner. That’s her style of singing. She’s a jazz singer. She has always been different, but people should never laugh at others because you don’t know what people are going through. She’s such a beautiful singer that I actually felt the struggles of this country and its flag through this rendition.”

YouTube comment on Lebron's performance
Pic credit: NBA On Fire/YouTube

Among many other Gray supporters in the video’s top comments, Malik Ambar chimed in to say – “Loved Macy Gray’s version of the national anthem. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoyed the aesthetic. Definitely original.”

YouTube comment on Macy Gray's performance
Pic credit: @NBA On Fire/YouTube

Although he ultimately brought his team to victory in this year’s All-Star Game, it’s clear LeBron gained attention for more than just making the game-winning shot last night.


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