Watch Jason Momoa strip down and take a dip in an ice-cold spring surrounded by snow

Jason Momoa in the ice spring
Jason Momoa took a dip in ice-cold water while filming his newest collaboration. Pic credit: @prideofgypsies/Instagram

Jason Momoa took to Instagram on Friday to show off his true Aquaman roots – this time in ice-cold spring water.

The actor, recognized by his signature wavy hair and fit physique, posted a video of himself shirtless in a cold body of water that was surrounded by snow.

In the video, Momoa grabbed his bottle of water (that just so happened to be in the spring), took a sip, and fell backward into the water until even his head was submerged. After a few grunts and a loud “WOO,” Momoa stood up and threw the bottle, saying, “Ice cold baby!”

Momoa was shooting for On The Roam with Discovery Plus

The bottle that Momoa picked up in the spring was one from his own company – Mananalu Water. The actor tagged the brand in his post, along with an exciting announcement about a new project in the works.

The project is for the Discovery Plus series On The Roam, which is a collaboration between Momoa’s production company On The Roam and Expedition Studios. The series follows Momoa as he travels the country to meet fearless trailblazers and learn their stories.

Watch the video of Momoa below, along with other videos from the project’s icy location:

“ON THE ROAM and @expedition.studios finally together because of brother and partner BLAINE HALVORSON can’t wait to show u what we are making,” Momoa wrote. “So stoked to be working with @renan_ozturk @taylorfreesolo @rudy.le @rexchiodo @maineikinimaka @brianandrewmendoza shooting for some @mananalu.water straight from the source. F&A! plastic.”

What is On The Roam about?

The series follows Momoa’s journey as he searches for extraordinary individuals who take the “road less traveled.” Momoa meets a variety of people – musicians, artists, athletes, craftsmen, etc. – and deeply explores their unique trade of skill.

In a Discovery Plus press release, the streaming service stated, “We are so thrilled to welcome Jason to the Discovery family! He brings such fresh curiosity and has a magnetic pull to those who’ve become masters of their craft. This is a series about finding your personal inspiration through exploration and immersing yourself in other people’s passions and processes. I’m incredibly excited for viewers to follow Jason’s quest and learn with him along the way.”

Jason Momoa in the snow while filming On The Roam
Jason Momoa and Renan Ozturk laying shirtless in the snow while filming On The Roam. Pic credit: @prideofgypsies/Instagram

“On the Roam is an endless quest for me to discover extraordinary people and places. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Discovery on this journey,” Momoa said.

Jason Momoa’s water brand, Mananalu Water

The video, which featured the Aquaman drinking ice-cold water in an ice-cold body of water, showed how Momoa’s water brand comes “straight from the source.”

Momoa announced the release of his new water brand in the spring of 2019. The origin of the name came from the Hawaiian words “mana” and “nalu” which together stand for the sacred spirit of life and a powerful wave that pushes through the ocean.

The water brand’s main objective was to be a plastic-free alternative that would benefit the environment. Momoa wanted to create a “wave of change” by lowering plastic pollution with aluminum-canned water rather than the typical bottles that many default to.

Momoa has also teamed up with partners such as RePurpose Global to remove plastic waste from oceans with each purchase of a Mananalu bottle of water.

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