Watch Carmen Electra in red lingerie for sultry Santa Baby

carmen electra santa
Carmen Electra is joining the Pussycat Dolls for a rousing rendition of Santa Baby with red lingerie and killer dance moves. Pic credit: © Hasegawa /

Carmen Electra is a woman of many talents as a model and actress, but add Pussycat Doll to the list after her sultry performance with the girl group.

Carmen shared a sexy Santa-themed throwback on social media for the enjoyment of her loyal following.

The Scary Movie actress has a large portfolio of diverse content, so her consistent throwback videos and pictures make a lot of sense.

For Halloween, Carmen shared some sexy content from her time with the Scary Movie franchise, making everyone’s Halloween season a bit more spooky.

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, Carmen had another holiday and relevant throwbacks to choose from– and she did.

The Baywatch star chose TikTik as the platform to post her performance of Santa Baby.

Carmen Electra sings Santa Baby in lingerie

The video began from far away with a group of women singing together and dancing. Then, the clip focused on Carmen, and it was clear that she was the star of the show.

She began singing with a strapless red Santa lingerie top with white fur lining the top. Carmen paired the top with matching gloves and red silk underwear. Carmen’s silky underwear was attached to a garter belt and pantyhose for a super seductive look.

Carmen donned bright red lips and voluminous curls as she shook her hips on stage.

She completed the look with stilettos as she strutted her stuff on stage and commanded attention.

Carmen’s sultry moves and the Pussycat Dolls’ energetic performance made for an unforgettable experience.

The timeless Christmas classic was the perfect choice for Carmen, allowing her to show off her impressive dance moves. She also showed her ability to keep the crowd engaged as she perfectly worked the stage.

As fans could tell, Carmen had experience with dance.

Carmen Electra’s workout involves dance

Carmen’s commitment to a killer figure has been evident throughout her career.

In fact, Carmen made a workout video series, Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease Collection.

A source told HollywoodLife all of Carmen’s workout secrets; unsurprisingly, regular dancing was on the list.

The source said Carmen loves cardio and anything that helps her “work up a sweat.”

The insider continued, “If she isn’t able to take one of her regular dance classes then she’ll hit the gym where she will use the treadmill or exercise bike for a half hour, then focus on sit ups and squats.”

Carmen Electra ages like wine and continues to look fine.

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