Volleyball alum Kayla Simmons works up a sweat on sunny hike

Kayla Simmons selfie
Kayla Simmons showed off her hiking skills as she took a fun video. Pic credit: @kaylasimmmons/Instagram

Kayla Simmons was ready to take on the great outdoors in style recently as she donned a dark blue sports bra that was perfect for her upcoming hike.

Whether it’s because she wants to look good while getting some fresh air or because she knows having some extra support while navigating tricky terrain never hurt anybody, she looked absolutely glowing and ready for whatever the day threw at her.

Not too many people can actually pull off looking cute on the trail, but she managed to do just that as she worked up a sweat while conquering the hills.

Kayla appeared to be enjoying the benefits of nature as she raised her head up toward the sky to take in the sunshine, though it could have been simply in the name of getting a good angle for a selfie on her phone.

The Marshall University volleyball alum looked effortlessly sexy in a blue sports bra that featured spaghetti straps paired with what appeared to be matching leggings, though they weren’t fully visible.

There is no doubt she could conquer her hike with ease, making it look as if she barely worked up a sweat.

Kayla had her hair clipped back in a chic updo with a few strands framing her face and accessorized with some delicate gold necklaces.

Her makeup was absolute perfection, with long eyelashes and mauve lipstick. However, she was wearing the Just Baby 2 Face filter that gave her a flawless complexion even while sweating.

She wore white earbuds in her ears as she walked, and though she didn’t say what music she was listening to, Kayla previously mentioned in an Instagram Q&A that she likes all music except for techno and house. So, it’s likely Kayla was getting motivated by a bit of country or hip-hop music.

Kayla Simmons filming herself hiking
Kayla Simmons enjoyed a hike on a sunny day. Pic credit: @kaylasimmmons/Instagram

Kayla Simmons wore a string bikini in a giraffe pattern

Kayla enjoyed a bit more nature last summer as she was seen posing in front of trees and sunshine while wearing a string bikini and looking off to the side in the quintessential influencer pose

The blonde bombshell stood in a simple way that flattered her bronzed physique perfectly. She captioned the shots, “it’s giving jungle girl.”

Kayla supports Emily Ratajkowski’s swimwear brand Inamorata

In the IG post, Kayla was wearing a string bikini from Emily Ratajkowski’s swimwear brand Inamorata.

She wore the Las Olas top, which costs $85, and the matching Las Olas bottoms, which also cost $85.

Unfortunately, the color Kayla was wearing, which appears to be some sort of giraffe pattern, is no longer available. However, the Las Olas top comes in 22 colors, and the bottoms come in 30 colors, so it’s very likely buyers can find one that suits them.

Inamorata recently introduced the new color Dawn, which is a dusty rose kind of pink, and it comes in the Capreria and Las Olas bikinis.

Inamorata offers a feature on the website where visitors can choose a pattern or color to search for their favorite style in the hue that suits them best.

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