Volleyball alum Kayla Simmons shares birthday tribute for a pal

Kayla Simmons smiling selfie
Kayla Simmons appeared in a bikini for a throwback picture to celebrate her friend. Pic credit: @kaylasimmons/Instagram

Kayla Simmons was feeling festive as she shared a birthday tribute to a friend with a collage of photos that showed the pair having some fun together at past parties.

Along with two pictures of her friend alone, Kayla shared two in which the pair were having some good times together as they were seen in a convertible and partying on a beach with some beverages.

In the photo of them in the car with the top down, Kayla wore a low-cut black crop top and jeans along with a quirky pink cowgirl hat as her friend took a selfie of them together. Kayla stuck her tongue out in a funny gesture as the pair laughed and played around together.

In another photo, Kayla sent temperatures soaring in a dark green string bikini as she took a sip of a drink along with the birthday boy and another friend. It looked like the group was at a beach resort as they enjoyed a party together, and the former volleyball player sported a straw cowgirl hat for the occasion.

She kept her long blonde hair down as it cascaded down her shoulders, and her makeup was quite natural despite the festivities. In the background were tall condominiums that looked like the perfect vacation spot.

In the middle of the collage, Kayla wrote, “happy birthday to my evil twin [heart hands emoji][heart emoji].”

Kayla Simmons in a birthday collage for her friend
Kayla Simmons looked stunning in a bikini for a birthday tribute. Pic credit: @kaylasimmons/Instagram

Kayla Simmons keeps healthy by going on hikes

Kayla has an incredibly toned figure, and on top of her former volleyball career, she’s a big fan of hiking as well.

Last March, she spent time at Yosemite National Park, where she enjoyed incredible views, fresh air, and an otherworldly sunset as she got her sweat on and got a healthy hike in at the same time.

She wore a pink, low-cut crop top with sporty leggings and a plaid button-down shirt, as well as a baseball hat. She put her hair in pigtails and kept her makeup natural.

Kayla shared stunning views of Yosemite with snowy mountains and lakes and, of course, a healthy sandwich at the end.

Kayla is a fan of BoutineLA bikinis

In July, Kayla proved she’s a big fan of the influencer popular swimwear brand BoutineLA as she wore a brown bikini with their famous X logo, naturally, while in Los Angeles.

The bikini top is the Cocoa Brown Reverse Top which is currently marked down from $59 to $49 and comes in several other colors.

BoutineLA is currently having a 30% off sale for new customers and recently dropped some new bikinis, including styles with two straps.

The new Sky Blue Ombre Roamer Top – Honeycomb Fabric comes in a shinier look and costs $50. It comes with matching bottoms that also go for $50.

Keep an eye on Kayla’s page for future bikini inspiration and perhaps some discount codes.

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