Volleyball alum Kayla Simmons reveals her musical taste

Kayla Simmons selfie
Kayla Simmons showed off her fit frame during a Q&A. Pic credit: @kaylasimmons/Instagram

Kayla Simmons is a Marshall University volleyball alum who has taken a new career direction to become an influencer and bikini model.

Though she’s racked up 877,000 followers, she’s sure to hit a million by the end of the year with her aesthetically pleasing shots of swimwear, beaches, and fun with her friends.

Of course, having so many followers means plenty of engagement. Hence, she recently shared a Q&A to her Stories and answered several fun questions with gorgeous shots of herself in the background.

Kayla took a selfie in a typical 20-something bathroom with decorative matching towels in the background and robes hanging on the door.

She certainly made it a nice shot, though, as she took the picture with a hot pink phone and covered her face. She wore oversized gray sweatpants that hung off her hips and white string bikini bottoms underneath that she was sure to show.

She added a low-cut white tank top and accessorized it with a white baseball cap over pigtails and gold hoop earrings. It was undoubtedly a casual outfit but didn’t miss out on the sexy vibes.

Kayla Simmons answered questions about her musical taste

During her “Rainy day Q&A,” Kayla was asked, “What type of music do you listen to?

She responded, “I’ll listen to pretty much anything but I’m not a huge fan of House/techno.”

In past Instagram Stories, she’s played several types of music, including country and hip-hop.

Kayla Simmons taking a selfie in a white bikini and gray sweatpants
Kayla Simmons stunned for a selfie as she answered follower questions. Pic credit: @kaylasimmons/Instagram

Kayla wore an exquisite bikini from the swimwear brand Jobee

Kayla is a big fan of bikinis because she now lives in Los Angeles, California, and frequently tags the brands she wears for her followers.

In October 2021, she appeared on a wooden walkway near the beach or in the forest wearing a 90s-style bucket hat and a pale yellow bikini from Jobee.

The bikini featured an exquisite blue pattern and had several small details like a gold circle in the middle with two strings wrapped around her stomach.

The bottoms featured similar gold circles with strings tied to them, giving the whole bikini a much more unique look compared to the more basic styles.

Jobee is a swimwear brand featuring incredibly bright bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, and every one costs $29.99.

They’ve added several new styles to the site, including the Sneakylink, which has a super bright rainbow block pattern throughout and is a strapless bandeau style with an adorable little bow in the middle.

Another new edition is the Kylie, a one-piece black swimsuit featuring very large cut-outs on the chest and the sides, as well as a halter neck.

Keep an eye on Kayla’s Instagram for more bikini inspiration and brand tags.

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