Volleyball alum Kayla Simmons is all about the flowers in spring shot

Kayla Simmons selfie
Kayla Simmons showed off her svelte figure in a floral bikini as she was clearly ready for spring. Pic credit: @kaylasimmmons/Instagram

Kayla Simmons, or the “World’s sexiest volleyball player” as she’s come to be known, was all ready for spring in a floral ensemble, though it appeared Florida was already warm enough to go outside in a bikini.

The Marshall University alum has quickly made a name for herself on social media and has already amassed over 900,000 followers, with many more surely to come.

Kayla shared a beautiful shot of herself recently in which she wore a floral string bikini with pastel pink, green, and yellow flowers throughout, as well as a crinkle material.

She appeared to be feeling a bit shy, however, as she leaned her head to the side to allow her blonde hair to fall down in front of her face, completely obscuring her features.

Kayla posed outside next to a pool with lots of greenery in the back, and somehow the photo just radiated humidity and heat, though it’s unclear if that was from Kayla or the actual temperature.

Though she didn’t wear any jewelry, her belly button ring was visible, drawing attention to her toned tummy and fit physique.

She wasn’t feeling very talkative as she captioned her post with a few flower emojis as well as a palm tree and some hearts.

Kayla Simmons previously wore a floral bikini on vacation in Mexico

Floral bikinis are apparently one of Kayla’s favorite looks, as she was seen in another bikini with the pattern while on a Mexican vacation in February.

The blonde bombshell had some fun as she sat on a wooden deck in a light blue bikini top with pink flowers, along with matching white bottoms.

She took selfies and made funny faces at the camera, puckering up in the first shot and playfully sticking out her tongue in the second.

Kayla doesn’t appear to be a huge fan of cold weather, as she captioned the post, “winter uniform ???.”

She accessorized with the Prada Re-Nylon bucket hat, which costs about $590. Though Kayla wore a hot pink version, it doesn’t appear to be available anymore, however, there are 11 other colors, including red, yellow, and alabaster pink.

Kayla is a fan of the swimwear brand Maaji

Being that she’s close to a million followers, Kayla has continued her swimwear aesthetic for years now and frequently endorses her favorite brands in the process.

In a shot from the summer of 2021, Kayla posed in Little Gasparilla Island, Florida, in a white string bikini with a green and orange Hawaiian pattern.

She tagged the swimwear brand Maaji, which was founded back in 2002 by the two sisters Amalia and Manuela Sierra. It counts Bachelor Nation favorites Lauren Luyendyk and Kelley Flanagan as fans.

In an interview with the brand’s blog, Amalia claimed they base their brand on the principle of “do the right thing,” and they have kept that as the foundation of their business going forward.

The brand celebrated the first day of spring by gathering up all the floral looks available in one area of the site, including the Chevron Brenda Sliding Triangle Bikini Top, which costs $75 and stands out with its bright orange, aquamarine, and hot and light pink pattern. It comes with matching bottoms that cost $73.

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