Volleyball alum Kayla Simmons enjoys a ‘top off type of day’

Kayla Simmons selfie
Kayla Simmons enjoyed a Jeep ride in a white bikini. Pic credit: @kaylasimmmons/Instagram

Kayla Simmons appeared to be enjoying a perpetual summer as she stuck to warmer climates throughout the winter.

All the better, though, to keep up with her aesthetic of string bikinis, beaches, and sunshine.

The Marshall University volleyball alum enjoyed a bit of fresh air as she took a selfie from inside her Jeep while the top was down, though she definitely got a bit more than she bargained for as far as the wind goes.

She sat in the driver’s side of the car with blue sky and trees behind her looking as if she was living the most carefree vacation in existence.

Kayla held on to a disposable cup of coffee that had a bright yellow sleeve with the words “Today is a good day” on it. She tried to take a sip, though it looked as if she was having some trouble as the wind blew her long blonde hair all over the place.

She wore a low-cut, white bikini top with three straps on each side and a little gold jewel in the center, which she paired with several small necklaces and a Nike baseball hat.

Kayla had a bronzed tan that looked even more flattering against the white of her bikini as well as bright blue nails for a fun-loving style.

She shared three different shots in her post, all showing her in different stages of drinking her coffee.

It looked like she was enjoying her car and the sunny weather, as she wrote in the caption, “top off type of day ☀️🚙.”

Kayla Simmons enjoyed a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico

Kayla has apparently been battling the wind lately, as she was on a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico where she enjoyed swimming in clear blue water.

She wore a one-piece swimsuit that featured long sleeves and a zipper down the front, writing in her caption, “it was a tad windy.”

Kayla struck several poses as she looked down and away before finally smiling wide at the camera.

Kayla Simmons is a big fan of the swimwear brand OneOne

The influencer, who now has 883,000 followers, endorses several swimwear brands on her Instagram feed.

In a selfie from Little Gasparilla Island, Florida Kayla wore an ocean blue string bikini from the swimwear brand OneOne.

OneOne has several fans who are models and influencers, including Cindy Prado, Georgina Mazzeo, and Bachelor alum Kelley Flanagan.

Kayla wore the Ariel Top in the color Emerald from the brand. It retails for $65 and comes in the colors Deep Blue and Midnight Black as well.

The brand recently launched some new colors in its most popular styles, with bright patterns and eye-catching hues.

One is the Bubble pattern, which features black dots all in a straight pattern over a green and blue color, and another is a color-blocking look with bright yellow in the bodice and light blue and peach on the trim.

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