Vikings star Alex Høgh Andersen swaps savagery for style in smouldering photoshoot

Alex Høgh Andersen in the Vulkan magazine shoot by Benjo Arwas. Pic: Vulkan/Benjo Arwas Studio

Alex Høgh Andersen returned to Vikings in the Season 5 premiere last night — spending quite a bit of the time with blood splattered across his face.

But in this smouldering photoshoot Andersen is a million miles from torturing priests as his sociophathic character Ivar the Boneless.

The Danish star swapped his Viking garb for stylish threads as part of an interview for Vulkan magazine. In the photos his hair — with shaved sides and mostly worn up and back on Vikings — is long and flowing, either worn down or combed back in a ponytail.

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Additional Poloroid-style photos from the shoot by top photographer Benjo Arwas of the Benjo Arwas Studio give him a retro look, with the pictures looking worn and aged.

Andersen revealed in the interview that he himself is a fan of photography. He said of his particular photo-taking style: “I try my best to get the ‘photo, between photos’, you know, the un-posed picture of a human being in his or her element. My endless passion is capturing moments, both in front of the camera and behind it.”

You can catch Andersen in Vikings Season 5 every Wednesday at 9/8c on History, and read the full interview with Andersen in Vulkan Magazine.

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