Viewers are disturbed by Drew Barrymore ‘invading’ a guest’s personal space

Drew Barrymore 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Drew strikes a pose at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. Pic credit: ©

Drew Barrymore has no problem getting up close and personal with her guests on The Drew Barrymore Show, but many of her viewers felt she took things too far during a recent episode.

Actress and comedienne Kathryn Hahn was the guest on a recent episode of Drew’s show.

Drew shared a clip of Kathryn’s appearance in an Instagram Reel on The Drew Barrymore Show’s official feed.

In the clip, the ladies talked about shaving their legs. At one point, Drew got on her hands and knees on the floor and crawled toward Kathryn, running her hands up and down her legs in a lighthearted manner.

Then, Drew placed one leg on Kathryn’s chair, hiked up her pant leg, and showed off her smooth, freshly-shaven legs. Kathryn reciprocated the notion and rubbed Drew’s legs.

“Drew and Kathryn Hahn celebrate shaving their legs ?,” read the caption on the post.

The post received over 151,000 likes, and thousands of the page’s followers headed to the comments. Many of Drew’s viewers found nothing wrong with the video segment, sharing their relatable stories in the comments.

Critics slam Drew Barrymore for her ‘uncomfortable’ segment with Kathryn Hahn

However, there were plenty more critics among the commenters who couldn’t help but express how “uncomfortable” the video made them feel.

“Also @thedrewbarrymoreshow I love you girl,” wrote one of Drew’s fans. “But this whole invading spaces thing is getting really uncomfortable.”

Another critic penned, “Drew knows nothing about personal space… like her, but u can tell when people are like ‘you’re too close.'”

The Drew Barrymore Show viewers call out Drew Barrymore for invading Kathryn Hahn's personal space
The Drew Barrymore Show viewers call out Drew for her “uncomfortable” behavior. Pic credit: @thedrewbarrymoreshow/Instagram

Another critic urged Drew to “Stop,” adding, “This is so uncomfortable.”

One Instagram user “cringed” and noted that Drew getting in her guests’ personal space drives them “crazy.”

The book coach and speaker, Jas Rawlinson, also left a lengthy message for Drew in the comments.

Jas Rawlinson calls out Drew Barrymore on Instagram
Jas Rawlinson slams Drew for her behavior and begs her to “stop.” Pic credit: @thedrewbarrymoreshow/Instagram

“I usually love drew, but I find the constant touching, crawling on the floor & invading her guests’ personal space to be totally cringe & inappropriate. Would we applaud a man doing this?” she wrote.

Jas continued, “Also, some guests (like Pam Anderson) seemed uncomfortable and she just kept touching and holding her hands — squished right up against her. Most highly sensitive people are aware of these things and drew doesn’t seem to be. Drew, please stop.”

Drew hasn’t responded to the backlash, and it’s likely because she’s unbothered. Her carefree spirit is one of the traits that her fans love about her.

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10 months ago

I have been saying this for so long!! I am so glad that I am not alone in thinking that she needs to learn how to read people’s cues, and respect their personal space. Also, please stop rolling around on the floor, it is so ridiculous and unprofessional.