Victtoria Medeiros is sitting by the water, waiting on a call

Victtoria Medeiros
Victtoria Medeiros stunned in a black and white photo set as she waited for a phone call. Pic credit: @victtoriamedeiros/Instagram

Social Media sensation Victtoria Medeiros was a vision in a recent black-and-white social media share.

The stunning Brazilian has amassed an impressive following on social media in recent years, and she is particularly popular on both Instagram and TikTok.

Though the vast majority of her posts are captioned in Spanish, her beauty and fit physique don’t require any sort of translation.

In a recent share, Victtoria stepped away from her usual colorful photos and instead opted to give her followers a different look at her softer side.

The carousel post held just two pictures; however, that was more than enough to captivate her followers.

Translated, Victtoria’s caption reads, “when you want to come back, call me 📞”

Victtoria Medeiros is a vision in black and white for her recent social media share

Taking to her Instagram, Victtoria’s upload had her looking sultry and serene as she posed on a balcony above seawater.

In the first picture, Victtoria sat in a wicker chair with her feet propped up onto a table in front of her.

With her legs outstretched, Victtoria raised her hands above her head as she gazed out into the ocean.

Her ensemble was simple, yet stunning, in a cropped white sweater with billowed sleeves that ran down the lengths of her slender arms before ending at her wrists.

Victtoria’s bare and toned midriff was accentuated by a pair of high-cut bikini bottoms, also in a light hue.

The light color of Victtoria’s outfit was the perfect contrast to her pin-straight raven-colored hair, which was parted in the center and pulled over one of her shoulders.

In the second shot, Victtoria opted to change up the angle slightly. She brought her arms down and rested one on the arm of the chair while her other hand lightly brushed against her collarbone.

For this picture, Victtoria stretched her legs out further and shot a longing gaze straight into the camera’s lens.

Victtoria partners with digital creator Kellan Hendry for a surreal photoshoot

Victtoria’s recent share was part of a series of shots created with the help of digital creator and artist Kellan Hendry.

The 25-year-old content creator has built a solid following of 1.1 million followers on Instagram, sharing various snaps enhanced with his touch of digital art.

This was also the case with Victtoria’s photo shoot. Though her share gave her 3.1 million followers a look at the shots in black and white, Kellan’s share was brought to life with full-color pictures.

Given Victtoria’s massive online following, it’s easy to understand why artists like Kellan would want to work with her.

The shots were gorgeous, and Victtoria’s beauty clearly helped bring the photos up to a whole new level.

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