Victoria Justice strikes a pose with a rose to promote music

Victoria justice face
Victoria Justice has a new song. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Victoria Justice has a brand new musical effort coming out this weekend, and the singer knows just how to drum up publicity to get people to listen.

As Victoria’s 23.6 million Instagram followers are aware, she has something big in the works. 

The Nickelodeon actress has been posting up a storm all month as she hinted at a new musical release. 

Victoria’s posts have included stunning pictures featuring her and a rose, which appeared to be the album cover for her latest song, Last Man Standing. 

But before she releases her album, she has to drop a single. 

The singer chose a Presidents Day weekend drop, unveiling her latest efforts on Saturday night. 

Fans rewarded Victoria for her post, flooding her page with comments and 82,000 likes. 

Victoria Justice promotes her new single, Last Man Standing

The latest photo showed Victoria with her lips slightly parted, holding a rose that covered most of her face. 

She wore a black satin top and struck a pose engulfed in vibrant blue and pink light. Victoria’s black top had a plunging neckline, keeping things cute yet classy as she worked her angles. Her dark brown hair had a center part with shiny tresses cascading past her shoulders.

A spotlight shone on her, creating a stunning silhouette on the wall to her rear. 

The picture was certainly visually stimulating and likely garnered interest in her latest efforts. 

In her caption, she shared some of the lyrics from her new release. She also provided details about when and where fans could download the content.

Victoria’s caption read, “#LastManStanding is YOURS tonight 9 pm PT / midnight EST 💜🌹 who’s excited?”

It was apparent from the image that Victoria stayed in fantastic shape, but fans might be surprised to learn that the actress doesn’t diet.

Victoria Justice does hot yoga to stay in shape

Victoria spoke with Hollywood Life about her dieting and workout philosophy.

The singer revealed a surprisingly healthy mentality to dieting. She explained, “Rule of thumb, I just kind of eat whatever I want.”

But in order to eat whatever she wants, she has to exercise. Luckily for Victoria, her sister introduced her to the perfect workout.

She explained, “Well my sister has gotten me into hot yoga.” 

Victoria continued, “So yeah it’s tough. It was really not my thing in the beginning.”

In the end, the hot yoga sessions were worth the effort.

She concluded, “But when it’s over, you always feel like, oh, your muscles, they’re relaxed and it’s so good.”

Victoria looks better than ever and is ready to take on the world with her new single.

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