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Vicky Pattison shakes her behind in a yellow string bikini in message about body image

Vicky Pattison at ITV Palooza 2019 at the Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London on November 12th 2019.
Vicky Pattison shared a video of her shaking her derriere while discussing unrealistic expectations for bodies and having a positive body image. Pic credit: © Mayhew/Landmark Media

Reality star Vicky Pattison shared her important message about body positivity while showing off a yellow string bikini as her bottom “wiggles & jiggles.”

The 34-year-old star used her bikini photos and a short video where she shakes her behind to tell her fans that it’s normal for bodies to move and change regardless of what others may think. 

She begins her caption by saying, “Bodies move, bodies can change, we all have angles we love and some we’re not so enamored with..” 

She goes on to say that it’s all normal, but it’s not normal that “we’ve been conditioned to think that we are only attractive, desirable or worthy of love if we have flat tummies, perfectly smooth skin, a rock hard butt & pose like our lives depended on it.” 

She jokes that her first picture is her posing in the “conditioned” ways, and it “looks like I have something stuck up my butt [laughing emoji].”

Vicky Pattison shares video shaking her bottom while promoting body positivity

In the first photo, fans see Vicky sitting in a spa room, looking a little uncomfortable. Her abs and legs appear to be tensed as she poses for the photo. 

Although the first photo shows the expectation of what’s good, tight abs, toned legs, and a full busty display, she shows more of her authentic self in the video posted next. 

The short clip shows Vicky standing with her arms in the air as she shakes her behind, making it jiggle and giving fans a look at her natural body. 

She said, “My butt wiggles & jiggles, my thighs have cellulite & my tummy is really only flat if I sit JUST like this.” But that doesn’t bother Vicky. 

She continued, “And all of that is ok.. because all of that is normal & healthy & perfectly fine. And I have so much more to offer than just a body shape anyway- we all do!”

Not only did Vicky talk about her own body, but she shared her thoughts on how toxic media can be for people who don’t have the perfect figure and how hard that can make it for people to love their own normal bodies.

Vicky Pattison calls out toxic media

In one section of her caption, Vicky got very real about how things like “toxic magazine articles, diet culture & a lack of representation in the mainstream media” negatively impacted her view of her body. 

She says that those “made me hate my body,” and it didn’t matter how skinny or curvy she was. She went further to say that while she still struggles, she’s becoming more comfortable with her body as she gets older. 

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has opened up about their body as they’ve aged, as Ty Pennington recently clapped back at body shamers and Paulina Porizkova works hard to make sure people know that she’s still sexy even if she’s older. 

Vicky closed her post with a positive message for fans, telling them that it isn’t always easy to love your body, but it’s not impossible, and wants to “encourage more of you lovely lot to join me here.. We’re all beautiful in our own ways- so get out of your heads and start living your lives!!! Own your lumps, bumps and jiggles and embrace every gorgeous inch of you!! You deserve to live a life filled with fun, self love, and carbs.” 

Although building a positive body image may be a difficult task for some, Vicky Pattison is here to support everyone on their own journey to self-love. 

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