Veteran talk show host Larry King hospitalized with COVID-19

Veteran talk show host Larry King
Veteran CNN talk show host Larry King has been hospitalized for COVID-19. Pic credit: ©

Larry King has been hospitalized in Los Angeles. The veteran radio and TV talk show host is reportedly receiving treatment after testing positive for COVID-19.

King, 87, was placed in isolation, and his family, including his wife, Shawn King, and sons, Chance, and Cannon, were not allowed to visit him, according to Showbiz411.

But, they were in contact with the hospital and receiving updates about his progress.

King has suffered various health issues in the past. He recovered after a heart attack and stroke. He was hospitalized in 2019 and had to undergo surgery after experiencing chest pain.

He faced personal tragedy when his son, Andy, died from a heart attack in 2020. He also lost his daughter, Chaia, a few weeks after Andy died.

Chaia died from lung cancer.

The news about Larry King’s illness comes after Gilligan’s Island Star, Dawn Wells, died at the age of 82 from COVID-19-related complications.

Monsters and Critics also reported in March that the legendary singer and songwriter John Prine was hospitalized with COVID-19.

He died on April 7, 2020, at the age of 73.

King is known for his radio and TV talk shows

Larry King was born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger in Brooklyn in 1933. He is known for his radio talk show, The Larry King Show, which started in 1978 and ran until 1994.

King also hosted Larry King Live on CNN from 1985 to 2010.

He hosted various guests on his CNN show, including celebrities such as Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra,  and Jerry Seinfeld.

King also hosted politicians, such as George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton, and international figures, including Vladimir Putin of Russia and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

He hosted Larry King Now on RT America and Hulu from 2012 to 2020. He’s been hosting Politicking with Larry King on the same channels since 2013.

King has won several awards, including the Peabody Award for Excellence in Broadcasting for both radio and television. He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1989 and the Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame in 1996.

Larry is married to Shawn King

He’s been married to his wife Shawn for 23 years. Larry and Shawn tied the knot in 1997. They share two sons, Chance and Cannon.

Larry has an older surviving son, Larry Jr., from a previous relationship.

He’s been married eight times to seven women, including his high school sweetheart Freda Miller and Alene Akins.

Larry King filed for divorce from Shawn in 2019. They previously filed for divorce in 2010 but later reconciled.

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