Veronika Rajek shares love for fashion creativity with big boots

Veronika Rajek close up
Veronika Rajek is sizzling as she joins in on the latest footwear trend. Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

Mschf’s Big Red Boots have taken social media by storm, and Instagram model and influencer Vornika Rajek is taking part in the trend.

The all-natural Slovakian stunner added some humor to the boots as she modeled a miniature pair on her fingers.

However, her video share quickly transitioned to show her modeling the Big Red Boots herself, and we have to say, she might be one of the only people to pull them off.

The boots are definitely a statement piece, and Veronika went all out with statements as even the black bikini top she wore read “F**k Off,” with one word on each cup.

She paired the top with black spandex shorts, keeping her outfit colors neutral to not clash with the giant boots on her feet.

The share was both cute and funny, and it was clear that it meant a lot to the model as she sent her thanks to the company and an inspiring message in her Instagram caption.

“Walking down the path and imagining the unthinkable is the way that makes dreams a reality,” she opened before adding, “Thank you @mschf @mschfsneakers for making the world a creative place & thank you for adding me to the few that rock the boots.”

Mschf’s Big Red Boots go viral

After Mschf’s Big Red Boots debuted last month, it didn’t take long for the interesting shoes to go viral on Twitter, with many people sharing their opinions on the footwear.

The boots hit social media with a bang, but ultimately, a lot of people seemed to think the shoes were unique and could be a good look if styled correctly.

One Twitter user supported TikTok user @aliyahsinterlude1 and their ability to make the boots look super cute.

Others enjoyed watching an older gentleman style the boots with his everyday looks, noting that he was “the best person I saw style the big red boots so far!”

Love them or hate them, it looks like the Big Red Boots might be here to stay. Fortunately for Veronika’s fans, they’re not the only brand she wears.

Veronika Rajek is partnered with Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova has become a hit in fast fashion, and many Instagram influencers are partnered with the brand, often wearing their looks and sharing them with their followers.

Veronika is no exception, as she frequently shares her Fashion Nova outfits with her fans and followers.

One Fashion Nova outfit share in January featured their Jasmine Mesh Crop Top in Aqua, which regularly retails for $34.99 but is currently on sale for $24.49.

The look includes a plunging bustline, mesh long sleeves, and some strands of fabric that wrap around the torso.

The top is part of their collection of Sexy Tops and tends to sell out quickly.

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