Veronika Rajek says ‘orange is the new red’

Veronika Rajek selfie
Veronika Rajek showed off her svelte figure in a bright orange swimsuit. Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

Veronika Rajek is all about swimwear, clear blue pools, and palm trees, meaning her aesthetic is the perfect antidote to the harsh winter so many people find themselves in right now.

You won’t see any snow-covered mountains or puffy jackets on her feed, but you will find bright string bikinis and lace lingerie.

The model boasts 4 million followers on Instagram, and several of those came after a photo of her pronouncing her love for Tom Brady went viral.

Veronika stuck to her profile’s usual sunny content with a video clip of herself standing on a white balcony overlooking a sparkling ocean and clear blue sky. Greenery could be seen in the distance as well as several beachfront condos.

The camera started with a close-up of her face as she unzipped her ensemble a bit while staring down the lens with a confident appearance.

Her blonde hair was left down and framed her face, and she wore brightly colored hot pink and orange earrings in a square pattern.

Her makeup featured incredibly long eyelashes with pink-nude eyeshadow and mauve lipgloss.

Veronika Rajek wore a zip-up one-piece swimsuit in orange

Veronika wore an orange one-piece swimsuit with a higher neckline, but as the camera panned away, she started to unzip her swimsuit a bit while never breaking eye contact.

At the end of the clip, she fiercely zipped the swimsuit up completely as the smile fell off her face, and the video ended.

The orange color complimented her bronzed skin tone perfectly, and the shape flattered her svelte waistline, which shows she clearly makes an effort to work out.

She captured the image with a cheeky joke, writing, “The boy is a … Orange is the new red. 💋😉.”

Veronika is an ambassador for retail giant Fashion Nova

Veronika is a Fashion Nova ambassador, and almost every post shared on her Instagram feed is tagged with the brand.

Though Veronika’s exact swimsuit no longer appears to be available on the website, there is a similar suit with the same zipper, but it has long sleeves and a slightly lighter orange tone. It costs $15.99 after being marked down from $19.99.

Fashion Nova currently has a massive pre-spring sale going on, with prices marked down by as much as 70%. The sale also includes dresses, jumpsuits, sets, and shoes marked as buy one get one free.

Veronika is clearly a big fan of orange, having also worn the color for a post in January. She wore a bright orange string bikini top along with matching orange sweatpants.

She posted a few different pictures, showing off her pearly white teeth in at least two of them.

She tagged her location as Beverly Hills, California, and wrote in the caption, “I’m ready for you,but are you ready for me ? 🧡ootd @fashionnova.”

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