Veronika Rajek is pretty in pink with Friday fit

Veronika Rajek is pretty in pink. Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

Model Veronika Rajek basically lives in spandex as a frequent gym-goer and lover of fitness. 

Therefore, it was nice to see the Slovakian beauty trying on something different as she dressed up in pink and captured her reflection in the mirror.

The former beauty queen has managed to keep the press talking about her by maintaining open lines of communication with media outlets.

The Miss Slovakia 2016 finalist went viral in 2021 after claiming she was “too beautiful” in an interview filled with sound bites and gems. The attention from the dramatic interview helped increase Veronika’s social media following.

But Veronika wasn’t finished making headlines.

In December, Veronika attended a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, where she saw Tom Brady play, appearing mesmerized by the quarterback’s skills.

However, in her latest picture, it looked like Veronika was enjoying a new outfit.

She shared her satin pink ensemble with her 4 million Instagram followers via her IG Stories.

Veronika Rajek is pretty in a pink satin blazer

In the social media share, Veronika pursed her lips while standing in front of a giant bed. 

She went into selfie mode, holding her phone in one hand and placing the other on her lapel. She donned a Fuschia blazer with a plunging neckline and ruching around the waist. 

Veronika paired the blazer with matching slacks, which were visible on the edge of the frame. 

Veronika Rajek is pretty in pink with a Friday outfit check
Veronika Rajek looked pretty in pink after hitting the gym and changing into the feminine color. Pic credit: @veronikarajek/Instagram

Her blonde locks had a center part with a straight and sleek style. She sported her signature Star of David around her neck with a matching watch and set of rings.

Some might say that Veronika was pretty in pink.

However, Veronika might say she was a little too pretty.

Veronika Rajek talks about pretty privilege

According to Veronika, her stunning looks have been more of a burden than a gift.

Veronika suggested she received poor treatment from those who couldn’t handle her beauty. The European beauty took things one step further, suggesting she was the victim of discrimination.

She explained, “People don’t even believe I exist. It’s pretty discriminatory that other women can do the same thing as me, and I can’t, and I just get deleted because of my looks.”

Veronika added, “People say beautiful people have it easy, but I have it worse as people make it harder for me because I’m beautiful.”

When Veronika isn’t busy being beautiful, she mustered up the strength to build an influencing career.

Veronika Rajek promotes Fashion Nova 

Veronika has frequently collaborated with the fast fashion company Fashion Nova.

Fashion Nova has become a favorite amongst influencers with its advertising strategies, including paying famous faces like Veronika directly. The brand’s ability to provide fashion to the masses has made it highly popular.

A recent post saw Veronika wearing red while talking about football.

Veronika sported the Fashion Nova Catch My Drift Easy Waist Cargo Jeans in Red, retailing for $34.99. She paired the pants with the Endless Love Mesh Corset Top in Red at a retail price of $49.99.

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